kennumen May 16 @ 11:04am
[Linux] *D12* Game Crashes on Galaxy Creation
1) What operating system (OS) do you have?
Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon (ubuntu based)

2) What graphics card do you have?
MSI R7970 Lightning, using 14.4 official AMD drivers.

3) How much RAM does your computer have?

4) Have you been able to duplicate the problem in another galaxy mode (if you're in creative, try career etc.)
New galaxy with 50 systems 20factions, new galaxy with (minimum) systems 2factions. With and without creative mode, with different galaxy names.

5) Are you able to catch a screenshot of the event (if it's graphics in nature)?

6) Describe the problem you're experiencing.
Start game. Press New. Enter preferences, OK. Calculates a bit, music starts not half a second, Crash to Desktop. Regardless of galaxy preferences, fullscreen 1080p or windowed 720p. Loading created galaxies results in same CTD. Loading the included D12 game loads up the station.
Created galaxies are ~3.1kB in filesize, just the .gal file. The D12 .gal file is 18.7kB and accompanied by a Troni I.sec file.
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Kris  [developer] May 16 @ 11:08am 
Can you email use your player.log file by chance? Sounds like it might be the same issue we are running into with the Mac build out right now? Email it to if you can.
kennumen May 16 @ 11:49am 
Would that I could, unfortunately as before I am unable to find any .log file (hidden files are showing).
kennumen May 25 @ 12:27am 
This particular bug has been eradicated.

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