toric55 May 11 @ 8:33pm
[Mac] *D12* Crash galaxy creating and ship loading
it seems like my macbook pro running osx mavricks does not want to load up ships in the hanger or start a new galaxy. dont know where the KV logs are stored, but give me and address and ill post a pastebin link. to be clear, this seems to have started from the d12 hotfix.
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LumberingTroll  [developer] May 11 @ 8:35pm 
Logs are stored in the install directory of the client, I believe on mac its in the .app itself.
akisute May 11 @ 9:03pm 
Looks like I'm not alone being suffered by malfunctioning in Mac ;) Log is located at ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log but make sure that the latest game you play is Kinetic Void since as the name suggests the file is shared by all Unity-made games.
toric55 May 11 @ 9:39pm 
no unity logs in library/logs, and cant find any in the .app. at least not one thats not buried in some unix executable.
Kaypix  [developer] May 12 @ 4:37am 
Try this
“/Users/*YourUserName*/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/Kinetic Void/” see if you have a data file or save file folder. It'd be in one of them.
BulletStrike70 May 12 @ 8:05am 
Hey guys, I seem to be having the same problem. I managed to find my unity log and I posted it on Pastebin. Here's the link:
Kris  [developer] May 12 @ 8:09am 
Thanks guys, it looks like there is a file missing on the mac build out. We are looking into it, to try and find out whats happening. And will push a fix for it later in a hotfix so keep your eyes open for it.
BulletStrike70 May 12 @ 8:24am 
:D Thanks for such a quick reply! I can't wait to start playing KV again. This game has great potential and I can't wait to see it develop into something more amazing that it already is!
LumberingTroll  [developer] May 12 @ 9:07am 
Im pushing a hotfix that should fix this. its a temp solution but we will keep it until its properly implimented.
toric55 May 12 @ 11:35am 
if i may ask, wht makes it a temp soulution? is it messy code wise? i dont know mutch about this stuff, just wondering.
toric55 May 12 @ 11:46am 
bug still seems to persist on my end. do i need to start a new save? May 12 @ 11:51am 
Originally posted by toric55:
bug still seems to persist on my end. do i need to start a new save?

You shoould uninstall the game completly, then reinstal to acquire all the files as fresh as the dev team could make them. Then do a quick file verification and start te game from there (to be safe.) Or, just do a file verification check, then make a new galaxy.
Kris  [developer] May 12 @ 11:52am 

Yeah you'll have to make a new galaxy the issue is that Unity updated and changed how files are looked for on a mac. Basically it can't find the Text file that has all the system names in it so it fails to actually create a new galaxy.
toric55 May 12 @ 11:52am 
did file verification. if it comes to it, i guess ill reinstall.
toric55 May 12 @ 11:53am 
ok. i tried startign a new save, still crashed. can i save my ships?
BulletStrike70 May 12 @ 8:24pm 
I seem to not have recovered from this crash bug. I reinstalled and reverified my files. I still crash on a new save D:

EDIT: I can load the pre-provided Galaxies, but I can't create new ones it seems.
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