Kris  [developer] May 9 @ 10:31pm
Is Your Shipyard Not Respond Correctly? Look here for info.
So the Shipyard UI has been completely overhauled, some changes have been made and how some things function have also been changed. Some have reported that they can't right click on parts or move them. Others that buttons have stopped working. Some windows do lock out the other inputs. There are multiple reasons behind doing this but I will list below which ones lock out other inputs and what inputs they do lock out.

In the Right Side popout window:

Weapons Tab (All Right Click disabled) - If you have the weapons tab open with the sub button weapons selected. This would be the one where you have the ability to place weapons on the hardpoints. This will disable all right click and highlighting on the ship parts, this is due to when you select a mount it highligts and sets the pan pivot on that hardpoint. Closing the popout window will re-enable the right click menu.

Hangar Tab (All Right Click disabled) - If you have the Hangar tab open with the sub button drones selected. This is the one that allows you to see what hangars you have on your ship and assign drones to said hangars. Like above this will disable all right click abilites due to the same reasoning. When you select a Hangar we highlight it and move the pan pivot to that Hanger. Closing the popout window will re-enable the right click menu.

In the Top Bar:

Weapon Manager (All Right Click disabled) - This is the button that is across the top that allows you to assing weapon groups to the weapons equiped on the ship. This is much like the previous to where we disable all the hightlighting and right clicking on the ship part due to us highlighting the weapon and moving the camera pan pivot to the hardpoint.

In the Right Click Menu:

Modify (Disable Mirroring Options) - When you click to modify a part if the mirroring option was enabled we disable this function till after a the modified part has been reconnected to the ship.

Hopefully this will help clear up and clarify on if you are running into a bug that won't allow you to do something and if you are just running into a new system that stops certain inputs. If you are running into a bug please report it here so that it can be brought to our attention and hopefully we can find and address it.

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Winter Dragon May 9 @ 11:18pm 
I deleted the thread I made earlier, because it is possible I had something open that was causing trouble. If I still have problems I'll let you know.
Kris  [developer] May 9 @ 11:43pm 
Winter I'm currently tracking down a bug when you go into from Sector to Shipyard but only via the ESC menu is it an issue. I've found the problem but now need to correct it and then hopefully we can patch it in the morning.
DraachePat May 24 @ 12:56pm 
Hy Kaypix, and the Devs ^^ ... the new Shipyard is AWESOME !!!

Great job, but i just need a fine adjustment bc the directions are not really good working with the modules.

How if you can place the modules fine with "Shift + mouse wheel" when you choose one of this 3 directions ? And a display below the mouse pointer would be helpful who would show us how many degrees you have rotated.
Otherwise, this system is quite great ! Thank you ;)

(Yeah, i know, my english is bad, but i hope that you understand what i mean ;) )
Last edited by DraachePat; May 24 @ 1:16pm
Kaypix  [developer] May 25 @ 8:44am 
Press Tab - that will enable the freeform tool on the fine movement. Then click+drag the colored circles around the module :) Pressing 1 will toggle it to the directional arrows (X, Y, Z axis), pressing 2 will toggle the rotation tool. We area also refining the shipyard for the next patch :) Giving it a bit more specific control and fewer bugs etc.
DraachePat May 25 @ 10:17am 
OMG, you are right. ^^ that is it with the fine adjustment ^^ This "grid size indicator", i´ve missed to use it. DAMN .... :P THY Kaypix ;) So i delete this post, ok ? ^^
Last edited by DraachePat; May 25 @ 10:19am
Kaypix  [developer] May 25 @ 10:48am 
nah it's OK, you can leave it up in case someone else asks about it later :) I'm glad you're up and running.
DraachePat May 25 @ 11:13am 
Yeah, i´ve fun here to build up my ships ... awesome shipyard ^^ Easier than 3DS Max Studio :P

OH, btw, i've seen that you added a module count, can you add a weapons counter too? Pls ;) Hardpoint / Weapons assigned. ---> for a better overview ;)
Last edited by DraachePat; May 25 @ 11:53am
Kaypix  [developer] May 25 @ 11:31am 
Although we don't have a counter for weapons, if you click the Weapon Manager button (top center, next to Info button) you can see a list of all the weapons :) Left click the weapon name to highlight that weapon, right click the name to open the subsystem.
broaken13 Jun 9 @ 10:51pm 
I've seen 2 issues in the shipyard so far. The first, I was playing with the mirror tool and it would randomly "ghost" a part on the mirrored spot (without me clicking). The part would stay there, but was not clickable, nor could I place other parts on it. It did it to me 3 times in one session, all with different parts. The other issue was playing with the overlap tool. The game started giving me errors about overlap while trying to place a part. I selected the overlap tool, but the error message wouldn't go away, even though the part was not red and looked ready to be placed. I decided to cancel the part altogether, but it the message remained. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a screen shot. Hopefully my description helps.
Kris  [developer] Jun 10 @ 6:35am 

Thanks for the heads up on these two errors, the first I've not seen nor currently have an idea of why that would happen. If you have it happen again shoot me you output.log file so I can take a look inside to see whats going on. That file is recreated each time you start the game.

The second one I might have an idea on why that is happening and will look into it this morning and see if it is something that can be easily corrected and hot patched.
dragoldblaze Jun 11 @ 1:53am 
I can't right click no matter what window I have open or closed.
Kris  [developer] Jun 11 @ 6:31am 
Originally posted by dragoldblaze:
I can't right click no matter what window I have open or closed.

You may want to reset the keybinds back to default. We had a bug a little while ago that was messing up how the left and right clicks were seen. Try that and let me know if it fixes the issue.
WileECoyote Aug 28 @ 10:21pm 
I am having an issue when building my ships. When placing modules, I keep getting flagged as "Module Distance From Ship Too Great" even though the module is touching or overlapped onto other modules. I have the detect overlap too turned off.

This issue also occurs when I right click a module that had been successfully placed and select modify. The module immediately turns red and is flagged as too far from ship.
Kris  [developer] Aug 29 @ 5:55am 
WileECoyote, this is because you are modifying the piece and deleting all it's connections so you can re-position it. If you move it ever so slightly it will rebind those pieces it is connected to. This has been improved in the next patch.
robgamer Oct 4 @ 10:28am 
My right click menu isnt working do u have any idea how to fix it
Last edited by robgamer; Oct 4 @ 10:28am
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