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D11 Bugs
Merging all bugs into this thread for the D11 patch
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scotty Mar 6 @ 11:55am 
*General / Combat* Enemy ships can shoot from miles away
I noticed in the latest build enemy ships far out range me, or at least seem to.
I will update this post with my latest vid once its up to show what i mean :)
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Kaypix  [developer] Mar 6 @ 11:57am 
Thanks so much for posting! I'm willing to be your enemies that are shooting you from so far away are pretty huge ships, most commonly they have 2 triangles for their radar icon, and have size 3+ weapons, which have longer range than others. Also their sensors (C&C module subsystem) can see further. Again, that's just what I'm thinkin' but I'm betting that's the case.
One of our programmers is actually looking into ways to control the AI a bit differently to see how that balances things out :)
ElianFray Mar 26 @ 12:28pm 
**D10**Drones docking problem
Drones seems to have difficulty in docking to the hanger with at all trying to dock. (Creative Mode)

Not sure if others have this issue or if this problem has been brought to attention? 1st time posting here, just want to help make this game better, please let me know if I have done anything wrong. Thank you.
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Kaypix  [developer] Mar 26 @ 1:02pm 
Drones take about a minute or so each to dock, then there's a gap between them. They'll come home as long as they're within range when you call them back.
ichneumonid Mar 26 @ 9:10pm 
I have noticed that if my ship is sitting still the dones will just fly in circles and never dock. It looks to me like they need to reach a specific point above the hanger before beginning the docking procedure, but their speed and turning radius don't allow them to ever reach that point, they just fly around it. If I put my ship in motion, usually just 100 to 200 mps is enough, the drones seem to have no trouble finding their pre-docking position. It looks to me like this works because the spot the drone is trying to reach is now moving along with the ship so it is easier for them to intercept that spot.
ElianFray Mar 26 @ 9:39pm 
Ya, that is exactly the problem, is this suppose to be normal? Or more refinements are need on the drone docking system? They seems to crash into my ship a lot...
Kaypix  [developer] Mar 27 @ 8:23am 
ichneumonid: I'll pass this along to the guys, but from what I know, their AI starts looking to get to a certain point as soon as you hit "dock".

Elian: Drones crashing into your ship is caused by their turning radius not being "on a dime", but the odds of them crashing should be lower than a 50/50 chance. I do know if you fly towards them fast enough they can't maneuver away all the time so they can crash pretty consistently that way, but if you're moving slowly or not at all, the crashing should be very rare.
ElianFray Mar 27 @ 9:41am 
Alright thank you for your feedback Kaypix, I will continue to play around witht he drones. As this is not really a bug, I will probably post on the suggestion section in the future if I have any suggestions, I think it would definietly help the others if there is a more extensive video tutorial of drones. Once again thank you for you guys' hard work :) Keep up the good work!!! I am loving the game so far :)
Kaypix  [developer] Mar 27 @ 1:04pm 
Once we're done changing everything I'll be doing more indepth tutorials on each system, just right now it doesn't make sense as it's changing every month or so ;)
ElianFray Mar 27 @ 6:29pm 
Thanks Kaypix :) Again keep up the good work guys ;)
riotintheair Mar 28 @ 6:50pm 
Yup, definitely see the same thing with drones (both on the default drone carrier, as well as my own ships). If they fall idle with no orders and then you order them to dock while not moving they orbit forever - I've waited while stepping outside for a bit and no drones managed to dock in 15 minutes while not moving. The moment I fire the drives and get underway they go into landing patterns and they dock in short order. If you recall them while still a ways from your ship either from mining or combating something a ways out many will dock even with a stationary ship (though some still occationally fail).

Seems to be an inability to reach their docking waypoint due to high speed and low maneuverability at that speed. I suspect the current system would work fine if they took a tiny bit out of their forward speed when trying to reach a docking pattern.

Haven't had many colision issues with my own ship and my drones, but the miners (as others have reported) are pretty apt at crashing whiletrying to get into position. Somewhere between 25%-33% collision rate. Combat drones seem pretty powerful, I've had very good luck with them - using laser batteries to cut up enemy shields and then kinetic and missile drones to rip them apart while never entering into kinetic gun ranges. I loose some every now and again but I have plenty of missions with limited or no drones lost. Big key was figuring out how all the drone launch and land math works - sadly even really kitting for it, it's probably more efficient from a timestandpoint to simply close so your own kinetics can do the job - at least now enemy density isn't really high enough. I do like the playstyle a lot. Love how KV is shaping up.
Kaypix  [developer] Mar 31 @ 6:03am 
Thanks for your added information :) I'll play with the drones this morning, see what kind of data I can dig up on them. I can say that we're rebalancing the subsystems so the drones should be able to launch and dock quicker in the next patch (planned for next week Monday-ish).
Gamtu Apr 9 @ 12:59pm 
Ship parts still won't stack properly.
I posted about this back when Kinetic Void early release first became available. Seems it's either still not fixed or re-broken. I posted a screenie and ill make my old screenshots available again.

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LumberingTroll  [developer] Apr 9 @ 1:39pm 
We know and have acknowledged this many time, it will be corrected when we do a pass on the shipyard. which should be this month.
Kaypix  [developer] Apr 14 @ 2:56pm 
**D11 Bug Reports - Live Build**
Use this thread for reporting D11 bugs please and thank you. Remember that if it's a graphical issue, we need to know your system specs. If your game is crashing, email me your crash log at kara@badlandstudio.com with a description of what you were doing the moment the game crashed, as well as the system specs as well of course.
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