ichneumonid Apr 22 @ 3:38pm
Faction txt file mistakes
The file ConfederatedPlanetsofVlanitak.txt in the Kinetic Void/SaveFiles/Factions folder lists the faction as "Federated Planets of Vlanitak" which is the same as another faction. So the Confederated Planets of Vlanitak is never created.
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ichneumonid Apr 14 @ 6:04pm 
typo in faction txt file
The last few versions (including D11) have had a typo in the SaveFiles/Factions/FederatedGalacticUnion.txt file. The typo causes a faction to be created called the Ferderated Galactic Union.
Kaypix  [developer] Apr 14 @ 7:16pm 
Thanks, I'll pass it along to the team for a quick fix on that one.
ichneumonid Apr 22 @ 3:35pm 
factions colors not distinct
I just started a new creative galaxy with 13 factions (I added a few custom factions of my own) and noticed that three of them are represented by the same color (white) on the map.
LumberingTroll  [developer] Apr 22 @ 4:44pm 
Are you sure you dont have Hostility checked, instead of ownership?
ichneumonid Apr 22 @ 6:13pm 
yes, I am sure I was looking at ownership.
Kaypix  [developer] Apr 22 @ 7:04pm 
I'll have Matt take a look at the faction icons next week if he has time :)
Kaypix  [developer] Apr 22 @ 7:11pm 
Thanks for the heads up, we will take a look at it
ichneumonid May 10 @ 11:34am 
I just wanted to point out that the mistakes in the faction files I pointed out in the first two posts of this thread is still there as of D12.
Kaypix  [developer] May 10 @ 11:48am 
Since those files are super minor and can be changed by the player, our team is trying to stay focused on larger components of the game, this will not be resolved until they have completed all their other high priority tasks.
ichneumonid May 10 @ 12:14pm 
Yes, but they both take a total of 5 seconds to fix :-)
Kaypix  [developer] May 10 @ 1:34pm 
Kris got it changed for you, it'll be pushed the next time we do a patch or a hot fix.
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