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D10 Bug Reports that have been Resolved
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NetoriusNick Jan 21 @ 12:02pm 
*General* No rotation control
Probelem / Bug:
Can not rotate the view of the ship in the ship builder.

Computer Specs:
OS Windows 8
Memory 4096MB
Graphcs ATI 5800 series (Saphaire)

Not a graphics glitch does not seam to sense the movment of mouse when right clicked.
Using a Wacom Intous 3 tablet and mouse. Note also have two touch screens attached to computer as main monitors with the touch interface (USB) configured.
I have tried in both windowed and fullscreen modes. Also in latest live build and the beta.

Many Thanks
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Kaypix  [developer] Jan 21 @ 1:36pm 
I'm going to call this an issue with the Wacom Intuos tablet touchscreen, we haven't configured for that complex of a system yet and just have basic integration for joystick control or full integration for standard mouse control.
NetoriusNick Jan 22 @ 1:06pm 
no this is a wacom mouse
i also have some touch screens plugged in
the mouse has never cause a problem before
is there a debug setting that i can activate to see what the game is thinking as the mouse works for movments of parts and both left and right click but not the rotation (right click and movment)
Kaypix  [developer] Jan 23 @ 12:01pm 
The mouse still requires input through the Intuos, which our system is not designed to see at this point. Kinetic Void is not set up to handle touch-input at this point, so the Intuos or anything with it would not function properly. A way to troubleshoot this is to simply unplug your Intuos and plug in a standard USB mouse and see if it performs normally.
Blast Jan 23 @ 1:07pm 
*General* Node misalignment issue.
So I have been having this misalignment for awhile it's not new to d8 it's just still there.
I do wonder how they even exist unless there hand placing these nodes.

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Kaypix  [developer] Jan 23 @ 1:14pm 
I believe the nodes actually were all hand placed by our lead developer back when the modules were initially created. You can ditch the node options all together by pressing Tab and getting into FreeForm mode. We are going to be working on fixing this issue as we progress forwards. On that note, if anyone comes across nodes that are horribly misaligned, please post the name of the module and/or a screenshot of it so we can see the worst offenders quickly.
Winter Dragon Feb 19 @ 2:17am 
**General** Game saves ship name lower case, breaking workshop updates
This isn't as bad as it appears, but I wanted to mention in the hopes a more permanent solution can be found.

When launching a ship to space from the shipyard, it pops up a save confirmation. If a ship uses capital letters like 'WD_Dragonclaw' it makes the name all lower-case, so my ship would become 'wd_dragonclaw'.

The workshop appears to be case sensitive, and won't apply the changes once I return to the shipyard after testing in space. It's easily solved on my end by changing the ship name back to case sensitive, but next time I test in space it's going to change back to lower case again.
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Kaypix  [developer] Feb 19 @ 6:49am 
Thanks for the heads up Winter, I'll pass it along to the guys.
Kaypix  [developer] Mar 3 @ 2:12pm 
***D10 Bug Reports*** PATCH LIVE ON 3/10/2014
New Galaxy Creation required!!

  • New Stations! The previous old and crappy trade stations have been replaced by new assets. We think you will agree when we say that they look just lovely.
    • Fixed - Station Scale
  • Added Beam weapons - Have a high energy load, will do their damage over time.
  • Added Missile Weapons - Requires Ammo. Have guided (Homing Missiles) and non-guided(more like Kinetic slugs). Makes a nice boom on impact.
  • Added Hardpoint/Subsystem Weapons system - Turrets (Hardpoint) and Weapons (subsystems) have been split into two systems.
    • The turret (hardpoint) will have how far the turret can reach in an arch as well as how fast.
    • You then will equip a Weapon (subsystem) to it to dictate what type of weapon it is and what type of damage it will do.
    • Old Weapons(non-hardpoints) will have a “base” value set to them for their damage type.
    • It is advised that all users begin swapping out old turrets for the new hardpoint systems. Older turrets will be phased out as we add more replacement weapon systems.
  • Ammunition Resources, three types currently. (Only available in the store. Remember to move the ammo from Station Inventory to your Ship Inventory after you purchase if from the store. When you purchase items from the store they just go to your Station Storage, not to your Ship Storage)
    • Fixed - Creative Mode has unlimited ammo
      • Kinetic - used for any Kinetic Type Weapons
      • Non-Guided Missile- used for any Non-Guided Missile Weapons
      • Guided Missile - used for Guided Missile Weapons.
    • Major Map updates:
      • By default, Star system names are now highlighted to indicate ownership. Gray systems are unclaimed, other colors correspond to factions as shown by the map legend.
      • By using the popup list in the lower left, highlighting can be switched to show hostility toward the player. Keep in mind that sectors tend to spawn more ships belonging to the ruling faction.
      • As factions go to war over territory, icons on the map will give the player general information about the conflict. A ! icon next to a Star System’s name will indicate a faction is currently trying to invade it. Within the system, sectors currently under the owner’s control will have a blue flag. Sectors that have been captured will have a red flag, and sectors currently experiencing a battle will be marked with a ! warning icon.
      • Right click menu: if a system is in conflict, the sectors in the list will have an icon next to them identical to the one above it’s sector object. When mousing over a sector’s button, the sector’s object is highlighted blue. The button for the sector the player is in is colored green. The notes field is player editable, its contents are saved per sector.
    • Sectors currently under conflict are more likely to spawn factions involved in that conflict.
    • Buy and sell prices at stations are affected by the player’s standing with the faction that own’s the station, as well as the availability of raw sources (via mining stations) in that sector.
    • Opening fire on a ship will lower your standings with that ship’s faction. Killing a ship will greatly lower standing from the owner, but will slightly raise standing from the owner’s enemies.
  • Adjusted all module and subsystem values (This will be ongoing)
  • Inventory/Store Main Categories(Subsystems/Ship Parts/Trade Goods) have been switched over to radio buttons. Only one Main Category can be selected at a time.
  • Weapons (except Energy) require Ammo to be fired. The weapon size will determine how many resources it uses each time it fires. (Size 1 = 1 usage, Size 2=2 usages, etc)
  • Camera’s Settings: Now should be able to zoom in to an acceptable closeness without too much clipping. Camera is now centered in middle of ship.
  • Radar Sensor subsystems have been limited to 1 per ship. Their ranges and durability have been adjusted to reflect this.
  • Massive improvement to performance when asteroids are in the same sector.
  • Greatly increased base sensor range.
  • The hull indicator now displays raw value instead of percentage for the player hud and target indicators.
  • The Warp Effect is scaled by the size of your ship.
  • Tweaked the shield effect.
  • Fixed a couple misaligned cubemaps for the skybox generator.
  • Fixed a bug where Shared Hull Subsystem Capacity was being miscalculated shared hull space will be lowered due to this fact.
  • Fixed issue where modules would gain space if modified.
  • The faction standing menu (visible in sector, default key is K) has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some NPC ships to be idle.
  • Stars will no longer appear to be rendered on top of planets.
  • Fixed a few minor memory leaks in Sector.
  • The galaxy and ship name fields no longer accept special characters or punctuation.
  • Scale of stations
  • Removed rotation on station rings - this was causing huge performance hit.
  • Clipping distance between near and far camera.
If you'd like to try out the D10 Development Build, check out our instructions for joining the Development Build here.

Video showing some of these features:

If you post a comment in this section or any other Development Bug Thread and the bug is resolved, the comment will be deleted after confirmation of bug removal. As a courtesy I will alter the name of the comment for 24 hours before deleting, posting ***RESOLVED*** in the title of the comment. Hopefully this allows everyone that posts on here to understand that the problem is fixed, not that their comment was invalid or not appreciated.
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Gortern Mar 3 @ 3:35pm 
Is it just me, or are lazors only doing extremely little damage?
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Ozone Mar 3 @ 3:38pm 
I tought you were going to add some of those "sector points of interest" in this patch.
Looking forward to more news about those
Kris  [developer] Mar 3 @ 4:02pm 
Gortern, I noticed this as well after we pushed the patch. Will have it fixed for the live build.
aether.tech Mar 3 @ 4:06pm 
Ughh...so much work to do with old builds...might redo the weapons on a few of them... ughh...
Kaypix  [developer] Mar 3 @ 4:37pm 
Aether, I have faith in you!
Ozone, our programmers were working on the weapons and Faction standings more so than additional planets etc. this patch.
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