[2S:D] Famous5000 [SPY] May 20 @ 4:08pm
Huge problem with inventory
I usually get like alot of inventory on my thing left over, even after I empty it all out. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem but with maknig new ships: It's a huge problem cuz it shows Error: Can't remove inventory; would shrink size to below what it's current capacity holds. UGH. One sollution is to add a "Loot All" function to the ship's inventory. Also, the shop still takes away money even if the purchase failed: you didn't have enough money. This, in return, puts you in the negatives. Repairing is free instead of it costing how much it should cost. I know, your scedule is kind of hectic right now, but I'm throwing out suggestions that you could include to help improve the game.
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Kris  [developer] May 21 @ 5:52am 
pbrp -

We did just push out an update that should help out with the not being able to remove parts due to subsystems in the hull. I will take a deep look into the store and inventory systems. Which platform are you running on Windows/Linux/Mac?
Griffinbh May 23 @ 6:14pm 
I have this problem too I am running it on a Mac (version 1.8.5)
[2S:D] Famous5000 [SPY] May 25 @ 5:57am 
Kris, the pbrp | is a TAG, not my USERNAME. Just clarifying some stuff. I am also running on windows.
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