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Fabreeze Sep 1, 2013 @ 11:00pm
Tutorial/explanation for subsystems/game in general?
I just got this game pretty recently and I've been having some trouble understanding the whole ship building thing which I now realize is pretty much the only thing you can do as of now. So I just have a couple questions.

How do the tiers differ? Also what purpose do things like the Mess Hall, Crew Quarters, etc. have right now?

I read something about credits being used to buy parts somewhere in the forums. I'm guessing this is for later. Right now is the 999 by all the parts in the menu mean that I own 999 of each?

How should I interpret the specifications of a ship? Like how would I know how much boost or whatever is fast or what would be heavier. Is there units for these statistics?

I'm not sure I understand the map very well either. Does clicking on a planet in a sector teleport me there? Zooming out in the map shows me all the different solar systems or whatever and clicking on it seems to bring me to a new place, but I'm not sure.

Is there any purpose for stations right now? I docked at a station and that just seems to bring me to the shipyard again. I guess there will be more available later?

Can you actually complete quests right now? The most experience I've had with one is getting some distress call with the little message on the top right for some ship being attacked by pirates a couple million kilometers away.

I guess most importantly... is there a guide that explains all of this somewhere?

Thanks in advance to whoever takes the time to answer.
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Dakili Sep 2, 2013 @ 1:19am 
Later on, bigger sized parts will need crew to work. However, your crew need habitations, mess halls and such thing to be able to live correctly in your ship. Not having the required amount for your crew will mean your ship will not perform at it's maximum capability.

Each tier differ that it's bigger, more powerful and stronger. That's it.

Yes, it's the amount you own at the moment.

You've got your mass, and you've got your thrust. If you have 10 mass, and 20 thrust, your forward thrust will be of 2. If you have 30 thrust, your forward thrust will be of 3. And on and on.

Sectors are the solar systems. When you click on them, you use your Jump drive to "instantly" jump to it. Later one there will be some kind of cinematic whenever you use it, and a cooldown for each use.

Stations have no purpose yet.

There's only one mission (Not quests, since quests are not in this universe) and he's only a place holder for future ones.
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