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Ayoba Aug 11, 2013 @ 10:30pm
Weapon systems- How do they work?
Im clearly missing something because nothing i have tried has worked. How do (or i guess do they work yet at all?) they work? if someone could give me a bit of a guide from the begining I.E. - I just place a gun on my ship, now what's next? it would be very helpful!

If it makes any difference i am a Mac user and using the most current game build.
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Dakili Aug 12, 2013 @ 12:50pm 
Nothing else. For now weapon only need that (Don't think they need the power yet) You can make your weapon work in two ways.

While in space, select a target (Click on it or press[Z]) then press [C] to lock it. You can lock multiple target. Beside each locked target there's an number. This number correspond to the F#. Once you pressed the key assigned to your target, press the key for you group weapon (0-9) You can customize each key by pressing [G]. Normally every weapon are set in the group 1.

Or you can press X and fire manually.
Ayoba Aug 12, 2013 @ 4:03pm 
Awesome many thanks friend
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