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h8tm3h4rd 2013年10月5日 7時08分
A brief tutorial would be nice... Just saying...
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Tarax00 2013年10月5日 7時11分 
Well its a pre-release :P It will come eventually :) - i learned it from experimenting and youtube :P
steelstel 2013年10月5日 7時23分 
There are multiple guides in the guide section
h8tm3h4rd 2013年10月5日 7時40分 
Sweet, thx
Tarax00 2013年10月5日 7時58分 
well well, would you look at that :) Forgot steam had that section xD
h8tm3h4rd 2013年10月5日 8時05分 
yep, i'm loving the game... can't wait to see what the final product looks like.
Homo[Bo] 2013年10月5日 15時10分 
I'm already having lots of fun with the ship builder. But there is still quite a lot to add. But I think it's gonna be awesome.
h8tm3h4rd 2013年10月5日 16時38分 
I agree! It's relaxing to build some ships... Love the way you can tint them also.
brashaa 2013年10月19日 11時03分 
i'm just started to play.. i found weird the mercenary's spaceships flight straight to my ship as a kamikaze and they destroy it (my spaceship) without any scar on them... plus i've been shooted them and there are no damage at all it's shown at their ship...
1-8 / 8 のコメントを表示
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