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c-***** Oct 4, 2013 @ 8:26am
choppy ship building - too frustrated before finishing!
Just downloaded the game, was hoping for some good stuff.

Got to the ship building and... yuck.
* Clicking on a part to try adding it and the game freezes, then blanks out the screen and eventually comes back, though rarely seems to do anything
* I can't select an already placed part and hit the Delete key to have it go away.
* the parts lists are... it doesn't feel right. If all the parts have the same stats, fine, but don't have pop-ups for the stats! The little picture icons should have mini-stats - at least a little triangle with the number of connectors, etc...

The unusability may be because of my larger screen size, which would be unfortunate. I have a 7970 running 4320x2560 so performance itself shouldn't be an issue.

Let me know about any diagnostics I can do - I'd like to see this work!

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Homo[Bo] Oct 4, 2013 @ 10:43pm 
You can delete parts by right-cklicking on them and then an action menu comes up. In that you can also install subsystems, these are the things that actually add stats, the parts you find in the lists are only "containers" for the subsystems, which add the stats.
I have similar performance problems to this, although not as bad as yours.
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