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Tipperty Aug 31, 2013 @ 11:39pm
A little more than lost
I don't want to come across as bashing this game, I understand it is in early access and I play a lot of early access games. However I feel this game, should have had much more development time.

I have played for more than an hour, but before you say. "You need more than an hour before you can comment" Let me explain my progress.

I played around with ship building and built, what I thought was a good enough ship. I manage to warp around, but unable to move up and down. So I went back to the shipyard and discovered sub-systems. I fitted a few and launched again. I could fly around and managed to warp some more, but there was nothing to find. I guess the stations were missing because of a bug. (I understand bugs are part of Alphas)

SO I re-loaded the game and went to load up a ship I had built and discovered pre-loaded ship. Oh I thought, I will just fly one of them. I picked the one with a lot of guns and launched. Spotted a station and warped towards it and flew right past it. I cancled warp and up popped a distress enemies 3/3 friendly 1/1. I highlighted the red diamond shaped and flew towards them at 1.47 KM/s 10 mins later I am still flying towards them, "man this is boring" I thought. I then discovered hitting "T" made you go faster and off I went and flew right past them. So I turned around and buzzed about them trying to workout how to fire. Took me 5 mins to workout how to lock on and fire. So I then spent 10 minutes shooting at this red ship, it never fired back and I never managed to kill it. I watched as my pew pew pew hit the ship and lots of colourful impacts did nothing.

So I thought bugger this and flew towards a station docked and I was back at the shipyard :( Ok so I loaded up another ship with more guns and set off to find something to fight. I found another distress mission. Flew around for another 10 mins firing at them and didn't manage to kill any of them.

I know a lot of indie developers are trying to follow the Minecraft way of doing things, but at least in Minecraft early access it was like 50% done and you had a sence of fun and accomplishment. In this, you can build ships, fly around and really thats about it. I don't want to sound too negative, but really that is how I feel.

If any of the developers or the game designer read this please don't take too negative a feeling away from it. I just wanted to point out that you need to add more content for the early access guys to play around with, some faction trade missions (does not have to be to indepth) you know take cargo from A to B. Some rescue missions or even pirate attack missions. Also a simple tutorial wouldn't go a miss, it also does not have to be in-game a youtube video or something in the forums would be helpful.
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vvoz Sep 1, 2013 @ 1:13am 
I believe that early access is about feedback and users' influence towards the game, not so much about actual gaming experience. In my opinion - earlier is better. Btw, Minecraft Classic was not nearly 50%, I believe that every CS student wrote something like that, it's pretty simple, actually) My point is that early access is not for playing the game, it's about feedback, about building a community, about having full information about the game. If you are not ready to play unfinished game - you still can benefit from reading the forum and thus be able to keep yourself from frustration if the game will become something different from what you were expecting.
IT'S SPACE ..... you know.... the final frontier? These are voyagers .... of the kinetic void.... it's ongoing mission to explore strange new worlds..... to seek out new life and new civilizations ...... TO BOLDLY GO WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE!!!!
~moep~bohème Sep 2, 2013 @ 3:53am 
Originally posted by J Blitz: can build ships, fly around and really thats about it. need to add more content for the early access guys to play around with..

thats exactly what i think about this game, some interaction options would be really nice.
except the two options above, there is nothing else what you can do - just build & fly becomes kinda boring over time.

i've played a lot of early-access games already, but in this case the game might be better labeled as pre-early-access.
just kidding, but there is a spark of truth, isn't it?

but apart of all thisi'm looking forward to coming updates. :)
Tipperty Sep 2, 2013 @ 9:25pm 
Originally posted by moep:
but apart of all this i'm looking forward to coming updates. :)

I really do hope they manage to add lots of interesting and diverse content to the game, polish it up and have success with their IP, but it's been about 5 months since the release of the alpha on steam. To which they have only really updated the UI, some ship parts and some graphical updates. I won't argue that it's doesn't look graphically pretty, but I really think they need to look at focusing on adding gaming infrastructure content like trading, combat side-missions or some kind of purpose on what a player can do. Rather than worrying that the game looks pretty.

Anyway these are my thoughts on the matter, I am sure someone will rush to defend the game and brandish me as being unrealistic and having no idea what early-access is.
Exacerangutan Sep 2, 2013 @ 10:51pm 
Honestly I think at the current stage, the biggest thing that would help would be relatively basic stuff: Internal volume control. Something in the ship-building screen that clearly shows you where the front and back and top of the ship are. A screen that tells you what the controls are so you don't have to try pressing keys are random and praying something useful happens. I've several times received distress calls in-game... but couldn't figure out any way to actually find the source. I'm sure there's a key combination for it, but I haven't the foggiest what it is. Even if you can't select your own controls, yet, having a page that just gives a sense of what you can do would be great. Very basic instructions on ship building and a summary of how components work would be nice, too. I think I managed to figure it out, but I'm sure I'm missing some vital details. These are things that shouldn't take a lot of time or debugging, because they're mainly instruction-booklet type material, but if there's a set of instructions available I haven't found it yet.

Complaints aside, the game looks really promising, especially since I love ship-building systems that give a lot of design freedom with realistic tactical applications--my big complaint about GalCiv2 was how little most of the systems really mattered in combat. I'm looking forward to future updates. But I think these are some pretty quick and simple things that should have been included the moment there was any thought of making the game available for play.
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