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Sunny Sunset 2013. aug. 27. @ de. 4:14
How are the action controls in game? Does it feel more like a space sim or more like an action game? I tried out X3, but the mollassas pace while just moving from place to place really put me off a lot.... I'm a bit more wary about putting $5 more into another game without getting some feedback first.
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Dakili 2013. aug. 27. @ de. 4:17 
Freelancer, Evocron Mercenary. That's what the gameplay looks like.
Angus and Alexis 2013. aug. 27. @ de. 4:19 
I beg to differ, freelancer was faster paced.
Sunny Sunset 2013. aug. 27. @ de. 4:19 
But is getting around tedius, or is takeoff/landing going from where I want to be/getting there quick, or is it a 90% waiting game with lots of excess empty space where all you're supposed to do is watch things drift by?
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