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Great Shipbuilder, But A Few Things Bugging Me

I had a lot of fun building my first dreadnaut, shown in the above link. Not quite how I'd like it to look, but I grant this game is still in alpha. However, after messing around in space for a bit, there were a few things that bugged me:


1. If you look at the screenshot carefully, you'll notice that the diagonal wings (both upward and downward) on the left are angled differently than those on the right. I could not get them to have the same angle while building, no matter what I did - freefrom, node align, rotations, nothing seemed to fix it. I don't know for sure what was the culprit, but I suspect it involved Hull 10V5, Hull 10 or both of them.

2. A few of the modules (This only seemed to involve Hull 10V5) had a slightly different color scheme than the majority of the other, identical type modules, i.e. having purple where there was normally teal. Which modules were non-conforming, however, changed each time I loaded my ship, but they always seemed to be modules (Hull 10V5) that were toward the rear of the ship.


1. Not sure what caused this exactly, but while fighting two carbon copies of my 42 million durability dreadnaut, I warped away to avoid fighting a long, losing battle, upon which I noticed, a few minutes later, that the WASD pitch controls had become reversed from the norm, forward thrusters no longer displayed their trails (only doing so when going in reverse), my kinetic field accelerated me considerably slower than usual, and I could not catch up with anything anymore. Granted I did take damage in the aforementioned fight (got down to 91%), but I don't think it should be causing that....

2. Somewhat related to a problem in my 1st space issue, but on occasion, it seemed like using my kinetic field caused things to move away from me; that or they were very good at running away and avoiding me, whether I was attacking them or not. This made destroying the 3 ships in the random distress quest very difficult, if not impossible. I'd manage to destroy the 1st ship that, for some reason, had started with 2% durability, but the 2nd ship I attacked, which also had 2% durability, I could only get down to 1% before it just became impossible to reach, much less hit.

This is a cool game and I'd love to see it grow into something really awesome. Hopefully some of this stuff is addressed eventually!
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Kinetic Void > Genel Tartışmalar > Konu Detayları
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