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Miyumi Ayase 2013年8月24日 19時35分
NPCs avoiding me.
I built my fist ship and tried to help a distress call but when i got close and at visual range, all the NPC ships (including the distressed ship) scatter with great speeds that I can't catch up. This happened a few times with different distress missions, so I decided to go for the nearest space station since I assumed those are stationary but the moment it goes to visual range, it drifts away from me also with an incredible speed. Now I can't interact with any of the NPCs (friendly or hostile) since every time I get near them, they all drift away.
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Dakili 2013年8月24日 20時12分 
You might have the Kinetic Field Deactivated, which makes you go faster. Press shift + [T] to re-activate it. Normal speeds are around 2 km/s
Shagohod Pantera~ 2013年8月25日 3時28分 
Shift + T is actually MWD. Hitting [T] alone is for the Kinetic Field :)
Wolf 2013年8月25日 3時37分 
My speed is 5.000.000 Km/s after 10 Minutes :D
Miyumi Ayase 2013年8月25日 3時52分 
oh ok thanks for the replies! =D
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