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mrgrimm 2013年8月24日 2時33分
I did a search for keymapping and only found one post. I do not see anything they were talknig about in the game. In options there is a control tab but nothing on there. Is there are way to remap keys in this game. I am left handed and the current keymapping is greatly annoying to me. I keymapping isn't ready yet can I get a list of what keys do what so I can make an autohotkey script for it.

Thanks in advance.

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Shagohod Pantera~ 2013年8月24日 3時47分 
As of now there is no (known to me at least) way to remap the controlls.
I've read something about changing the controlls via the launcher, although that may cause great troubles within the game and leading to crashes.

A full keymap can be found under the guide section of this forum.
mrgrimm 2013年8月25日 0時28分 
Thank you for your reply. It is appreciated.
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