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ranger0440 2013年8月23日 21時01分
So i bought this game awhile back and i've been quite pleased with its progress. Some things I would like to about the whole sectors thing. I understand that they are solar systems but, 1). Which one do you start in? I would guess Sector 0, but I don't like to assume. And 2). I have it set to 100 sectors, but i can never seem to find another one other than the starting sector. How exactly do you find and then get into one? I've tried double-clicking other sectors on the map and it turned my ship, but it doesn't exactly tell me how far to go.
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tallon.nisar 2013年8月23日 21時07分 
When you double click in the map, it should be teleporting you to the other sectors, so for now that's how you get there. I know, there's no real indication or fanfare, but in the future there will be a jump sequence of some sort. Travelling to other sectors manually would be... well it would take a very very very long time. Though it is theoretcially possible, according to the devs.

I've never been able to figure out if you do in fact start in sector 0, but that would be my guess, if it's consistant.
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ranger0440 2013年8月23日 21時08分 
Really? Do stars change at all because everytime I double-click the map it just seems to turn me. Unless every sector/star has the same basic features. I may not have noticed and extra planet or two
tallon.nisar 2013年8月23日 21時34分 
The star colors should change, as well as planets, asteroids etc, each system is procedural. Or at least it has been in the past. I haven't been able to really play since .020 I think, so there may be a bug. That's how it's supposed to work, though, as far as I know.|

Edit: Yeah, it still seems to be working for me, each time I double clik in the map on a sector, I Get a new system.
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ranger0440 2013年8月24日 9時07分 
Thanks! It works, I guess I just never noticed haha.
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