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The Guy with Lag Jul 22, 2013 @ 4:44am
wait or go?
Hey guys, i wanted to say game looks very promisng, and good looking from what i can tell from steam video and screen shots (as it woud look in %100 of all games, reflecting some what better that what the game truly is , and that is called marketting) i will definitly get the game but my main point is from what i can tell from peolpe allready inside, game is not even a fracture of what would define alpha stage, i think it is way early relased, even for "early acess" game will be awsome, pricing is fair and good unlike some other devolopers (talking to you uber e.) so what do you think?from what i can devine version is 0.018? i could at least wait for versions that doesnt have a zero after the dot , your thoughts below, thanks
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Sandwiches!!! Jul 22, 2013 @ 10:59am 
The game at this stage is a tech demo. If you want to invest then you can purchase the early access (which I believe comes with a license for the full game at release) and check it out yourself.

People need to understand the nature of these things. Kickstarter (where I funded this project) and these "early access" deals are not pre-orders. They are a leap of faith. The project could go nowhere and by making the donation you are saying "here's my money to help your dream". Not all dreams come to fruition.

Whether you should "wait or go" depends entirely on you. Do YOU have faith (and the $$$) to put down and say "I will support this project, no matter what"?

Right now the game consists of a near-complete ship building module and a rudimentary space flight simulation module. You can pilot your ship around and shoot stuff, but navigation is non-existent (I mean, you can fly toward planets if you can spot them) and no in-game mission exist yet. You can sample the game's graphics by looking at the trailer and the screen shots.
Boba Fett [CH] Jul 22, 2013 @ 1:16pm 
Sandwiches is totally right.

Think : the more people GO instead of wait, the more the game will be good faster.
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