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LumberingTroll  [desenvolvedor] 5 Jul, 2013 às 11:03
Current Tasks in Development
We work under a very agile development process and many of us cover many roles, its not really practical to keep you all up to date on what exactly we are working on all the time. Giving an overview of what we are doing like this though, is possible and I will do my best to update this thread as it changes.

Team / Roles
Matt - Programmer
Rick - Programmer
Kris - Programmer
Fernando - Artist
Shaun - Artist
Kara - Community Relations / Social Media / Digital Assistant to the team
Sean - Team lead / catch all.

Matt - Ship AI, and Sector composition

Rick - Core modular mission framework

Shaun - Galaxy Map overhaul

Fernando - On leave

Kris - Drones / Mining

Kara - Social media outreach and continuing to build customer relations.

Sean (LumberingTroll) - Too... much... stuff...
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Kinetic Void > Discussões Gerais > Detalhes do tópico
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