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LumberingTroll  [開発者] 2013年3月20日 8時52分
Kinetic Void - State of the Game
This is a list of the current state of Kinetic Void, all features are subject to change and all of the included features are in their first version and are not final.

As a team we do not really follow the Alpha/Beta/Release model, either the game is done or its not, there is still a lot of work to be done. If you encounter any bugs or weird things, please use the "Bug Reports" second in Kinetic Voids steam community. Also, if you have any suggestions or feedback, please use the "Suggestions" section. We need your feedback to make this game as great as it can be!

Included Features
In-Game Guide in Shipyard
Audio Controls
Ship Builder
Merchant / Trade
Ship Inventory
Station Inventory
Faction Framework including 12 factions - can support up to 40 currently
NPC Flight AI (still needs tweaking and new capabilities)
Kinetic Weapons
Energy Weapons
Ballistic Weapons (Missiles / Rockets)
Most of the ship modules
Procedural Galaxy generation
Procedural Planet generation
Near Final UI
Access to all current ship modules for testing
Microwarp Drive for interplanetary travel (visuals need adjusting) - Warp To / Align To capable by right clicking on a target and selecting from a small drop down
Save State functionality
Starter Ships
Mission system, Rescue, Patrol, Seek and destroy, Hostile Encounter
Full graphical options menus
Full keyboard and mouse controls support
Steam Workshop support for sharing user created content
Symmetrical Module Placement
Weapons need unique stats / firing modes
First Phase Economy systems
Mission framework

Features in development
Tutorials - In-Game
Improved Gamepad / Joystick support
Additional ship modules
Additional ship components
Mission Editor
Faction Editor
Custom Ship Part Editor

There is so much more to come to Kinetic Void. The current version of the game is still very early and everything is open to change. We would really like to hear your suggestions and feedback on the game and its features in their current state, so that everything can be refined and improved before release. You are the reason we are making this game, so you have the power to influence Kinetic Voids development.

For information on how to play, please consult these two guides for now.

Current Tasks in Development
We work under a very agile development process and many of us cover many roles, its not really practical to keep you all up to date on what exactly we are working on all the time. Giving an overview of what we are doing like this though, is possible and I will do my best to update this thread as it changes.

Team / Roles
Matt - Programmer / New Role - Chief Safety Officer of Kris
Rick - Programmer
Kris - Programmer
Fernando - Artist
Shaun - Artist
Kara - Community Relations / Social Media / Digital Assistant to the team
Sean - Team lead / catch all.

Matt - Faction Simulation & AI for NPC Ships, Responsible for preventing Kris from inadvertently hurting himself (specifically with ladders, zip ties, multi-tools, knives and sleep deprivation)

Rick - Core modular mission framework

Shaun - Visual effects

Fernando - On leave

Kris - Shipyard features

Sean (LumberingTroll) - Too... much... stuff...
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LumberingTroll  [開発者] 2013年3月20日 13時12分 
Buying right now gets you access to the indevelopment build and allows you to participate in its development, we will be openly soliciting feedback and ideas from the community, The features that are in the currect build are list in the post above under "Included Features"
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darth_elius 2013年3月20日 13時19分 
So just to be clear here. If I buy in and help out as best I can, I'll own the finished product upon release? And 33% off? I thought that price seemed to good to be true... Thanks for the quick response.
Gay Tarkus 2013年3月20日 17時51分 
Love it so far! Can't wait to spend hours with this game just living my own galactic adventure.
Voidmaster05 2013年3月20日 18時26分 
The game looks pretty good so far! I do have one question though. Do you intend to include planetary locations/colonies in the finished product? What about space stations? I haven't purchased it yet, but I am definitely leaning that way. Wish you guys the best of luck with it!
LumberingTroll  [開発者] 2013年3月20日 18時29分 
There are already space stations, planetary landings and such are outside of the scope of this release unfourtunatly.
TonkRogerio 2013年3月20日 18時40分 

Darth_elius. You are still confused mate. You buy the game now, which is already 33% off. you have the dev build now if you buy it. as the game becomes finished, then you get the full game because you have already bought it but at the discount of 33% off.

Helping the community is not mandatory...

So you buy the game now for cheaper and you get the game now but unfinished. You keep the game but it will get patched regularly, then the game is finished and you still have the game.
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PredatorAncient - Kablastifucked 2013年3月21日 6時56分 
Kinetic Void certainly has my attention. I've always wanted a space sim where I had the ability to build my own ships, not just mix and match ships/modules. The game seems a bit barebones right now, I'm not entirely sure I'm willing to buy into the Alpha just yet, but I'll certainly be watching!

P.S. The game looks beautiful ... I read through the Art Dev Update on the Kickstarter page, I think I'm in love with your planets and suns.

Update: I'm serious, has anyone made wallpapers out of those things yet? I want.
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PredatorAncient - Kablastifucked 2013年3月21日 7時06分 
ARGH! I just couldn't help it! I have to see it first hand, you just netted yourself another early Alpha supporter. :)
KevQuixote 2013年3月21日 19時20分 
Just got the in dev game today. Im already addicted, and I havent even flown a ship yet. =) I love the flexibility in the ship builder. It is already quite good, I think it will be amazing once it is finished out.

One thing that would be pretty cool to have in the release would be a community ship market where users could design a ship in game and put it up in the market for other users to download and try out. If you remember the game Spore, it had a similar feature where you could try out other user's designs. I always that was a cool feature.

Thanks for creating this game, and for letting us be a part of your ongoing progress!!
Muzzled 2013年3月21日 20時17分 
I'd like some actual story elements, or even an opening tutorial that actually tells us how to play the game, and establishes context. Is this planned for future versions?
As it stands, it seems less completed than the early kickstarter demo.
Kaje 2013年3月22日 5時14分 
Sorry, just to pick up on a point earlier about planetary landing zones - you said they are out of the scope of this release - does that mean the game will not feature planetary landing/colonies at all, ever, or that just the current build doesn't?
LumberingTroll  [開発者] 2013年3月22日 7時02分 
At this point there are no plans to add them. We are focusing on the features listed in the store page.

I honestly couldnt say for sure what is planned post release but we do plan to keep adding content.
Space_Butterfly_Cera 2013年3月22日 23時35分 
Are you planning to add a multiplayer function into the game or will it be purely single player?
the possiblity of exploring with a friend(s) would be a nice addition
cv snowblind 2013年3月23日 5時12分 
How big is the MP going to be? or rather how big can it be with a giant galaxy?
LumberingTroll  [開発者] 2013年3月23日 6時19分 
We wont know that until we start working on it and see what performance is like, it will be a while need to get the base game done first. I would like to have at least a hundred people on a server though.
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