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pldesy 2013年10月14日 16時58分
one year waiting aniveersary
im proud to announce that im waiing for this game for one year now .when i bought the game was in pre or begning alpha stag probably now we are really near to the full release yeah i happy that this incredible game come the the final stage soon incredible i can wait . and i wanna thank every one who work on this game for their heavy work like they never stop we got so much update thant i cannot count how much
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SoliDeoGloria 2013年10月14日 17時07分 
I am proud to announce that I have been waiting for this game for one year. When I originally bought the game, it was in the pre-alpha stage. Now we are truly near to the full release. I am happy that this incredible game has come to the final stage. I just can't wait!. I want to thank everyone who has been working on this game for their dedicated work - it's like they never stop. We get so many updates that I have lost count of them.
Dakili 2013年10月14日 19時34分 
Thanks for the translation. Helped a lot.
Kaypix 2013年10月15日 12時27分 
Thanks so much! We're getting excited too!
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