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Kaypix Nov 13, 2013 @ 7:38am
Backstory of Kinetic Void
For those of you who have come across previous comments made by myself or others, I'm sure you know Kinetic Void at this time does not have a backstory. I believe it may be time to change all that, and am asking for your input. This thread is strictly creative freedom, so please no post-bashing, trolling etc. I know I've seen others who have posted ideas, feel free to link them into this thread as well.

What do you think the story of Kinetic Void is, or of one of the many factions which may be encountered in the game? Or the story of a single ship's captain? I'll be posting my own ideas on here as well. Let's get thinkin' :)

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Kaypix Nov 13, 2013 @ 9:30am 
<<Idea: Based on realistic galaxy cluster names , including Virgo Cluster (calling it Sector now) which includes the Local Group and therefor Milky Way galaxy (which is between 100-120,000 light years across). Fornax faction named for the next cluster outside of the Virgo Cluster and closest, still additional hundreds of thousands of light years away>>

Kinetic Void
A Space Adventure

The first time we heard confirmation of the factions, it was like a dream, or maybe a nightmare. We were not alone. For the first time in over 2,000 years, humanity was able to confirm that we were not alone in the universe. Our galaxy was our backyard, consisting of 120,000 light years of “safe” space total. Beyond the walls of our backyard however, space loomed, and factions formed. Some friendly, others not. Our nearest new neighbors were in the Virgo Sector, consisting of 1500 galaxies and only a few factions, but like the cities we were overrunning, the universe was ever growing, with factions found in other clusters further away.

The Fornax faction was first to make contact, hailing from hundreds of thousands of lightyears outside of the Virgo Sector. They offered a neutral standing with us, and were patient while we fought to come to grips with the fact that we were not alone. Their ships dwarfed our attempts at space travel, and they sent us the technology to develop greater abilities of flight and combat. Over the next 30 years, our relationship with factions other than Fornax were established, some hostile, some aligning with us.

Now, we are able to apply to be ambassadors of the space program, with a limited few being selected for deployment to the further sectors. Our missions are our own, whether we choose to continue to build relationships with other factions, or wage war between multiple groups. It is up to us to build and maintain our ships, scavenge new pieces or buy from our allies.

The universe is waiting, and our time is now.
Wolf Nov 13, 2013 @ 12:53pm 
my idea would be that there respect for human first real friendly with the Dessalines and by a change of power it And arrived to war.

Sorry for bad Englisch :D Hope you Understand what i mean.
Kaypix Nov 13, 2013 @ 12:57pm 

Let me see if I understand. At first, humans are friendly with Dessalines faction, then as humans gain more and more power, they end up at war with Dessalines?
Draco Nov 13, 2013 @ 1:25pm 
Maybe you can have two fractions that came from one fraction and in the middle of a civil war.
Kaypix Nov 13, 2013 @ 1:36pm 

Great idea, maybe one of the factions from a larger, farther away sector is in the midst of a civil war and wanting you to pick a side?
Draco Nov 13, 2013 @ 6:03pm 
Yea I have not really thought of the whole back story of the two frations and why they is a civil war. You can always have the game focus on the the civil war that has been going on for as long as people remember. and other fractions are either on fence or allies with one or the other. The balance of the known universe is based on both sides being at war.

You as the player will have a choise to pick one of many out comes, you have the following options:

1) you can pick a side and help them win
2) you can pick pease and join the two together
3) pick another fraction either wipe them out or become the more dominate fraction
4) Start your own fraction- I know this might not be an option in this game but maybe the next one or down the road...

You pick what path you want to take with the fractions then how you want to achive the path.
1) Trade and influance
2) War, go in gun blazing
3) Mixture of both

Also one thing a liked about the fallout series is that at the end of the game they showed you how you as the play effected the fractions "Cities" you mingled with.

So it is one thing you have a killer back story to the game but you must have a killer end story.
I see game more or less just as one big story your are telling. Well the games I like to play...

Kaypix Nov 13, 2013 @ 7:06pm 
Thanks so much for your reply. We couldn't do just two factions, since the game is already set to have many of them, not to mention it'd move it from a sandbox style (do whatever you want) into more of a linear storyline type of game. Currently you can have up to 40 factions at one loading of the game. The idea of the game is that every time you load a new game, it can have different ships, different outcomes etc, so a storyline progression wouldn't be conducive to it. That isn't to say that a side mission at some point couldn't be available in which you choose a side between two warring factions. As this will be a sandbox style game, I highly doubt it will have an "end" so to speak, where one side wins over another. Just like real life, one country may win a battle, but that doesn't mean someone will come back to retaliate later, if that makes sense.
Dakili Nov 13, 2013 @ 7:17pm 
Execpt this game is a sandbox one, meaning you have no obligation to do anything or to pick any side. You can be neutral with anyone.

I would had somethin though. Something similar to what Star Trek Online has. When you start the game you can choose a faction/race. Each I them have a bonus to something. Let's say you choose a trading race, you'll have better deals. And when choosing a faction, you will have better standards with that faction, but lower one with their enemies. You could choose if you want a custom faction, which would let you choose hat bonus you'd want and be neutral with everyone.

As for the backstory I would create one for each if the basic faction in the game

I'd like to add my own ere if ya don't mind. :)

"Dealt production. Not really a faction, more of a private corporation which his goal is to control most if the wealt. The Dealters, as they call themselves are expert at construction of ships and devices and the trade of them. They prefer to act in the back of everyone, being technically neutral with everyone. They supply ships and weapons to faction in need, maintaining a high number of faction. More faction equals more tension, which in term means more war and more need for goods. They are well aware if that and thus always help those in need, in the shadows. Some of the more fanatic Dealters often speak of a greater goal by helping those in need, but the higher ones know better.

Some people say they have seen the Dealters give weapons, ships and devices to races who wanted war and once the war started and the faction was winning, they gave the devices to counter those to the enemy and in the end maintaining the war as long as possible.

No one really knows how this faction was created or how do they maintain such advanced technologies, some rumors suspect them to have spies and angent in every scientific project of every corner of the universe, always being a step at a time. But those are only rumors. Aren't they? "

Kaypix Nov 13, 2013 @ 7:19pm 
Love it, thanks Dakili!
Draco Nov 13, 2013 @ 7:24pm 

That is understandable with the nature of this game, Most of me idea can still work with the style of game you are trying to make. Meaning the no mater how long to play one side will never win becuase both factions are so deaply grid lock and their harted for each other os so rooted it is has become part of their religion.

So now with the game how the other fractions come in to play
You have the two that are tide in to them game some how
You have two groups of many fractions that are loyal to one group
You have the groups that want no part of it

Game play with no end in site really
1) Become a trade merchant for any of one or all many fractions
2) Become fighter for one of the many fractions
3) Hired gun
4) Build your one ship empire fighting and selling or being space pirate.

Like I said both side are so grid lock and you are just one person in space just trying to make it and will have no real effect on the out come of the war.
Dakili Nov 13, 2013 @ 7:45pm 
I'll come with more and grant you permission to use them if you want.


"The creature of this... Clan as we can call them, lived for millenias unknown to the rest of the galaxy. They lived for only 2 things. Fight and honor. On their native planet, they were rules by a chieftain who made his status by vanquishing the last chieftain. They were a fighting race on every aspect and thrived for the next battle, the next enemy to vanquish under their feet. But, they only fought enemies they though worthy of them, meaning that the weak could always live someway. They had a saying in their ranks: <Whoever you are, as long as you continue to fight, even if you know that loss is your only option, only then can you really be one of ours. >

They lived like this for millenias, perfectionist their fighting skills and techniques, until one day, a ship crashed on their planet. They never had seen such technology, and did not care for it. But the creature in it, was fascinating. They tried multiple time to kill this creature, but always failed. The creature had technology on its side. They even offered the creature a death with honor, for which it refused. The chieftain, one of the most powerful died himself during the attack. They had no choice but to appoint this creature as their new chieftain. This was the tradition if their ancestors.

As their new leader, the creature showed them the prowess of the technology and how to use them, as well as showing them his science conaissances. He lived the rest if his life as their leader until he died. All his knowledge was left to them, they went into space to conquer new territories, find worthy enemies and vanquish.

It is in a small colony on the depths of the known maps that they first appeared. It took them no time to defeat the mining colony planet defences and march in the planet. Killing everyone who offered resistance.

Only a few were able to survive and this is what one if the survivors words:
< they defeated our ships we were only a mining colony. We couldn't resist them. I was able to escape as they descended in the planets.... In waves of... Creatures I have never seen. The only thing that come to my minds when thinking of them is how many they were. Like the waves if a sea. This is why I call them, "The Weavers"


By the way sorry for mistakes. Hard to do in a phone.
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Draco Nov 13, 2013 @ 8:50pm 
No worries.

Race: Feroids
Physic Features: Beak for a mouth and feathers over most of their body
Females have more of a grayish tint to their feathers
Males have a more color to them and tend to show them off in a dance

They woship the mighty life baring egg and and take a fake egg every where they go
They tend to work well in a group and better when there is more male then females
Studies have shown that for best work ethics ratio for every 5 males you will need 1 female
Highly intelagent race and was believe to invent Kintic warp drive

Current relations with the Weavers
Weavers fear them and tend to avoid them at all cost
During the invation of the Weavers, Feriods brought them to their knees and had kill on sight orders

Over the years as the Weavers left them alone they drop the order to kill only of provoked
There has been some reports that rogue groups have still went after Weavers causing Weavers to still have fear. Rumors are they are not Rogue groups but never confirmed

Current relations with the Dealter
Dealter are rummered to have stolen the plans Kintic warp drive from them and sold them on the market. While the two are currently not at war but you can feel the tentions between the two. When ever the leaders from both groups meet you never know what you might get, friendly convo or a heated shouting match.

it is no rummor that the Feriods do not trust them but are force to use them to trade.

Their ships are are fast and their weapon systems pack a heavy blow on even on the largest ships.

You must pay an one time fee to use their stations if you can not pay then you must do soem of their dirty work at a very reduce cost. Some captiens have been know to ship their waste to a dumping zone while others had to bring them intel.

Rummored that some of the most trusted freelance captians have join on the raids against the Weavers. When ask they say what happens in space stays is space.

When attacked they swarm your ship and will not let off till your dead or leave the sector.

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Dakili Nov 13, 2013 @ 9:50pm 
There's a limit of how much of somebody else idea you can use.

Originally posted by JHD Draco:
No worries.

Race: Feroids

Current relations with the Weavers
Weavers fear them and tend to avoid them at all cost
During the invation of the Weavers, Feriods brought them to their knees and had kill on sight orders

Over the years as the Weavers left them alone they drop the order to kill only of provoked
There has been some reports that rogue groups have still went after Weavers causing Weavers to still have fear. Rumors are they are not Rogue groups but never confirmed

You have to understand I don't mind if you use some of my ideas but at let's keep it how I made it.

The weavers are a fighting race. They just don't fight, they live for that. They are scared of nothing and it his an honor for them to die. They are not technologycally strong, they got most of their technology from one guy. They are, however, physalis ally superior to most if not every race. But since they technology is inferior, they don't always win. The reason why they haven't been defeated I because of their numbers. They reproduce so fast that thir numbers doesn't seen to move at all.

Imagine one guy with a SMG against another guy with a 1800s gun. We all know who will win. Now imagine that same guy but against 20 or 30 guys. It's not the same.

And no one knows much about them execpt for their invasion. Their territory was never attacked, yet. Their only loss was when attacking other faction (since they always attack no one has the time to attack them)



The Xralons are a unusual race. Not much is known from them. Their ships can be seen salvaging the remaining if ships after battles or sometimes near a trading station. No one really knows where they come from. They're not agressive toward anyone nor do they show any hospitality. Boarding parties that were able to get on their ships have only been able to find one life form in it, most of the time dead. From the information we gathered, the Xralons were once an advanced race. They created machines which we couldn't even believe. With that much technology, the Xralons had no need to do anything, and thus with evolution became nothing more than an big pile of fat. It is believed that AI controls everything this race does. They always seem to sleep and let their robots and AI do all the work for them. Researchers think that whenever they feel there is no escape, the AI shutdowns the neural system if the Xralons, which means death, and then start an erasing program in the ship.

It is possible that the machines of the Xralons use the Xralons neural system to help them make the incredible amount of calcula needed, which is why they haven't left their masters yet.

Any attempt of gathering information from any living subject was a failure. They have no knowledge if anything and cannot even maintain themselves alive. It was impossible to gather any information from the remains of their ship as well. The AI always starting its destruction program before any attempts even start. The only useful thing we were able to gather after all these years is that we should be wary of the machines we create.

For the rest, the Xralons remains a total mystery. "
Draco Nov 14, 2013 @ 6:02am 
To be fair back stores should also include how other races interact with them.
I did leave out one important detail from my last post. I will add more and hope it fits on how you feel your race is. I meant no disrespect from it at all. Just trying my best to merge all the races into one master universe to help make a EPIC back story. Feel free to use any race I have come up with will come up with your back story ideas.

The fear with that Weavers have with the Feriods is that Feriods are the only one of the few races to beat them.

While Feriods did defeat the Weavers they never went far in to Weaver space, was not worth their time and energy. The two really do not mingle much and for the most part leave each other alone.

There is has been reports that Weaver's commanders try to regain their glory from the Feriods, some with little success before coming to might of them. With each success legends are born in the Weavers empire.
andyb Nov 14, 2013 @ 6:53am 
For a back story I'd go with something along these lines

People are People, it doesn't matter how many arms, warm or cold blooded, internal or exoskeleton. War at the species level has been done and the devastation that resulted had all known species sign a concorde that should any species wage war on another, all would band together to wipe out the aggressor. You can have wars between different groups within your species but keep it local. This keeps the background scenario reasonably static and allowing for many different species.

The factions mentioned within the game are merchant houses. The houses do not care about species or creed but only profit.They'll use whatever they can to create and exploit markets, to make more cash and grow. Sometimes legal sometimes..... not. Its rumoured that many pirates are clandestine members of the merchant houses.

Planetary governments do have space stations, defence systems and policing infrastructure to maintain and protect their stellar regions but this is the basic background setup. Some systems are more militaristic others more open.

The merchant houses are overlaid on top of this, each has a primary base/location and from this radiates their influence, the further from the primary base the lesser the influence. The stronger the merchant house the greater the sphere of influence in general. The merchant houses tend to be in opposition the more their influence overlaps. So work for house A and get good rep with them, but it means get bad rep with B and there is no impact on C because their influence and A's do not overlap.

The players can interact with merchant houses and/or the planetary governments to take on missions, obvious mission types are delivery/transportation, reconnaissance/information gathering, theft/raiding/piracy, protection/guarding resources or escort missions. You can also take actions liker ermmm self employed piracy :) which may well have a negative rep impact if you are recognised.

The universe is in flux, merchant houses vie for power, prestige and contracts. As you complete missions you grow your reputation, both positive and negative aspects which shapes the responses of those you need to deal with. As your reputation grows the options of more and more difficult misions become available which if successful just accelerate your growing reputation.
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