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GreenMithrandir Jan 3 @ 1:35am
small window
well i just tok the game on sale, and when i run it, it aways run in a tiny window, i cant barely see the options to change resolution or whatever problem this is, anyone can help?
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Kaypix Jan 3 @ 7:37am 
Thanks for your question. You can resize by going to Options>Display and adjusting the resolution. If you are stuck at a 480 size where you can't actually click "Apply" because it's off the screen, go to your Display.config file, which is located in the steam app folder on your computer, and adjust the resolution to something larger (800x600 for example). Save the file, relaunch the game, then you can change the resolution properly ingame from that point on.
GreenMithrandir Jan 3 @ 7:43pm 
many thanks bro, i think jhust solved = )
Kaypix Jan 4 @ 6:51am 
Glad to hear :) Even though I'm not a 'bro' ... I'd be a 'sis' if anything.
searlemck Jan 4 @ 8:55am 
Hi there; I am having the same 'resolution' problem, but the solution you offered is not working. Do you have any other idea's. Thank you.
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