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izanagi00 May 7 @ 11:28am
You devs are doing a great job!
It's amazing how far the game has come since i first bought it. I tip my hat to you guys for all of the hard work you guys put in and are still putting in to this game. quick question.... when is salvaging gonna be worked on?
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Kaypix  [developer] May 7 @ 11:31am 
Probably within the next 2 patches we'll address salvaging/looting. Matt, our programmer who would more than likely handle the salvaging system is tied up with AI right now, but will address that project once he's available to.
izanagi00 May 7 @ 11:32am 
k, thanks kaypix.
Joules Von Loij May 7 @ 3:53pm 
I just wanted to take the time to say, I love the new UI and overall look of the game. This diamond is polishing up quite nicely. I would even say it's Shiny.
The paint seams to need a little more work as "Glow" does not glow and the flames pattern always seams to flow in the wrong direction. But the Build part now allows for a much smoother look and less like Lego's ( I love Lego's but not here;).
I look forward to more updates and would love to see space debris that was salvageable like asteroids are mine-able. Especially if it allowed you to obtain ship parts that might need to be repaired before being able to use or sell them. Even better if it allowed the battle drones to capture and take whole ships for salvage or sale later. I just love it so far. Keep up the wonderful updates.
Blast May 8 @ 5:26am 
It's been awhile since I posted about this game, the devs may or may not remember that I had little hope for this game, but in the last few patches I have not been able to keep myself from fostering a small flame of hope for this games future, the progress has been slow, but worth while effort as clearly shown in this time.

I still see the underlying flaws, and know that not all of it can or will be addressed, but I am starting to feel that we might get something good for a production by a independent developers first real try.

Best of luck and know you have made a good impression on an admitedly overly critical person like myself.
paull May 11 @ 6:12am 
apart from scraping nodes.. yes u devs are doing gr8..
Kaypix  [developer] May 11 @ 6:20am 
Although it may take some getting used to, the grid system is actually extremely versatile. You can make it less precise like how the nodes were by clicking on th up arrow located above the grid icon in the lower left corner of the screen. This will allow for more quick placement and less of parts if you are wanting to build something simple and quick. The nodes did not work for larger sized modules, nor were they actually centered, which resulted in problems the larger people made the ships. Please let me know if you need assistance getting the hang of the new shipyard.
Joules Von Loij May 11 @ 6:37am 
The new grid system is great once you reset the key bindings to what works for you. Almost all the keys have been set to diferent key bindings so either reset them or learn the new keybindings. The learning curve is presant and not to drastic. The grid system also alows for blending of shapes more than the node system so ships look solid and not like they are snapped together Lego style. I feel the overall look and feel of the new ship builder is cleaner and more exact. a 180 rotation of a piece use to be 12 clicks and now it is more like 26 (same 180 but with more than twice the positions possible) All in all it is starting to polish up nicely. I look forward to the new builds. My luv and admiration to the developers. :D
ecnal798 May 11 @ 8:25am 
I came here to thank the devs as well. I kickstarted this game back in 2012 and had forgotten all about it until an update email a few days ago, and I've been nothing but impressed so far! This game has great bones, and the dev attention on the underlying systems really shows. All too often, developers sacrifice internal design for flashy graphics, leaving us with beautiful games with no substance. KV is the polar opposite and I really appreciate that effort. I can't wait to see what else this becomes and will be following it very closely!
BigBenBoulevard May 11 @ 10:52am 
I agree, I have about 6 other games that I bought in early access (but some of the ones that have left early access feel less complete than this game). Compared to these other early access games this game has the best developers by far. Each time I play the game, something has been changed for the better. I may currently be having troubles with the audio but I have also already received help with it.
Please keep up the amazing work. You guys are what other developers should strive to be.
Kaypix  [developer] May 11 @ 12:57pm 
Thanks so much for your support guys, it really means the world to us, and we are well aware that it is our community and players that make Kinetic Void possible. You all rock my socks off :)
LumberingTroll  [developer] May 11 @ 12:59pm 
Agreed, thanks for the support everyone. It means a lot to us!
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