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non creative progression?
greeting guys!

been several months i didnt touch this game and i started to take a look at it once again and i wnated to know if on teh ''survival'' mode wher eyou start with limited ressources there is a way to progress? built myself my fighter killed a few NPC (took me a while to figure only Beam woudl work and were wodnering why my gun wouldn't shoot ..) but is there a way to collect new pieces from teh detsroyed ships or a way to gain money?

also i hope the NPC level will be adjusted because of the time its a 3 vs 1 even if i set only 2 factions and soemtime they have dreadnaught and stuff like this XD

out of this i love all teh progress that has been made! took me soem time to figure subsystem but its awesome!

keep up the amazing work guys!
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Kaypix Apr 4, 2014 @ 9:34pm 
Thanks so much for your questions and support! The NPC levels will be adjusted in our next patch, which we plan to release the development version next Monday, and live version the following Monday. Regarding progression in Survival mode, the module costs in the store will be adjusted so you can potentially buy mining drones for income. We are working on a supply and demand system to help earn as well and mission framework for future patches.

We are looking at the practicality of a loot system at this time but aren't sure about if it'd work out or not yet.

I hope that answers your questions, and welcome back to the forums!
Emperor Solaris Apr 4, 2014 @ 11:32pm 
thank you for yoru reply!

mining will be great i will definately make myself a minign barge :D

as for loot i do personally thing it would be great to loot ship parts i am one of these people that like to stay away as much as i can form teh store and make everything myself! plus when i have too mcuh choices (ship part) i end up not knowing what to do for my designs but when i have limited pieces i maximise them in a manner that my ship look awesome

so basically yeah that could be a suggestion on how i would see one of the way to progress
you start up with limited ressources/part like right now and as more as you kill enemies/complete mission you are awarded pieces that help you grow your ship bigger that in return allow you to take on more and more larger opponent so to the player eyes i would be like if the small ship grdually evolved into a dreadnaught! wich is a vision i just purely love :D

but thats my point of view and i ahve no idea what others think about it but i tought id let it out to maybe give you an inspiration :)

thank you for your support!
Kaypix Apr 5, 2014 @ 6:18am 
I'm the exact same way! I honestly believe I'm terrible at ship design, so having a limited number of parts actually makes it easier for me to build a ship. I plan on working on a video this weekend for the D11 update, but it'll also include a dropdown list when you make your new galaxy of which ship you want to start with, there'll be a couple options there. That'll obviously help with the Survival mode more than the Creative. If you don't like the ship or it doesn't fit your style once you're in shipyard, you'll be able to remove all the pieces (right click>remove, do not RESET ship, you'll lose the pieces instead of be able to sell them), sell them to the Station's Store and use those funds to buy new pieces.

I think the looting functionality was more along the lines of "how will you be able to collect stuff floating in space?" because we don't have a set up for a mechanical arm or anything that comes out of the ship to loot items. Once missions are in place, that'll make it more likely to allow you to earn money by killing a few guys etc.
ichneumonid Apr 5, 2014 @ 9:37am 
simple solution to salvaging wreckage... tractor beam (easier to animate than an arm) that you use to tow a hull section or other salvage back to a space station. If you can make it to a station and dock with the salvage in tow then the new items will appear in your inventory and can be equipped.
ichneumonid Apr 5, 2014 @ 9:39am 
There could be different levels of tractor beams, higher level tractor beams use more power, take more space, and have higher maximum mass towing limits.
Wickerson Apr 5, 2014 @ 9:52am 
Tractor beams would be a lot of fun, and could also be used in combat too.
Emperor Solaris Apr 5, 2014 @ 10:49am 
Glad to hear Kaypix!!!

i agree a tractor beam would be an easy solution and honestly it don't even need an animation if you leave realism apart until you find a beter solution but as for now you could simply get close to the wreck (no need for an actual wreck just a bunch of junk floating where you destroyed the enemie is just easier and would save a LOT of time) closer than 2km for say? and then you could simply have a key to loot the targeted wreck or simply right click dropdown menu wich COULD have a chance to drop you one of its pieces and/or subsystem :)

now obviously the larger your ship is the bigger the part you can bring from your trip the problem would just be to adjust the weight/volume of the pieces to keep it a minimum realistic lol i don't see a fighter bringing back a size 5 hull XD

other solution could be Tug drones? the enemy leave a piece floating in space wich you can send a small tug drone that will push it to the station for you and then once back into the station you could take back your drones :)

later on you could try to actually make a wreck with the parts used but that would be just for eyecandy as a pile of junk different size for the different ship classes (fighter/corvette/frigate/cruiser and on etc) would do the job perfectly just like in EVE pretty much and add an effect to the tractor beam if that is the solution used :)

as for tractor beam in combat i never actualy enjoyed this possibility since usually a ship would have some kind of defence against that and what would be the point of fighters if capital ship would just tractor beam your whole squad and imobolise you lol? but i honestly don't mind if you add them because i know this is usualy a popular demand and its just me who never found the logic behind these XD

well that was my little brain storming i hope it give you an idea or 2 :)
Kaypix Apr 5, 2014 @ 11:25am 
Thanks for the brainstorm Solaris :) Like I said, we think it'd be a cool idea, but we have specific goals we're shooting for the next patch or two, so I'm not sure where this would fit into it all :( On the bright side...I just finished editing our D11 patch notes and video to go with them, so come Monday the'yll be ready :D
Emperor Solaris Apr 5, 2014 @ 11:38am 
oh i wasn't expecting this next patch lol just some idea that you may use later if you want XD

and its a pleasure to help you :D i can't wait tosee the patch note :)
Last edited by Emperor Solaris; Apr 5, 2014 @ 11:38am
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