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Prolynx 2014年1月26日下午5:19
Game freezes when creating a new galaxy
I decided to try out a new smaller galaxy with 10 sectors, 10 factions. When I click save the game freezes.

I can load the old galaxy from what I made yesterday morning fine, but today it freezes. Any suggestions?
最后由 Prolynx 编辑于; 2014年1月26日下午5:19
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Prolynx 2014年1月27日上午1:47 
Yep that worked.

If there's one thing I can say, you sure are fast at replying back to problems. None of this waiting around for a couple of days. And best of all its great that every problem I have had so far, whatever you say has always fixed it. None of this having to go around a system clicking this clicking that uninstall this uninstall that lol.

Suggestion: If the game doesn't like it that way then perhaps you should set it so players can't choose the same or less than the number of sectors.

Suggestion 2: I don't like when i'm trying to align up pieces that the piece im trying to align up with turns blue so I can't see the details and try to make them match up. SO if it could be chnaged so I can see all the detials on the hull pieces etc that would be great for alignment purposes.
最后由 Prolynx 编辑于; 2014年1月27日上午1:49
Kaypix 2014年1月27日上午7:55 
Thanks for your feedback Grolsche, we'll be revisiting the shipyard later in development once we get the Sectors ironed out a bit more and will look at that at the time.
Prolynx 2014年1月27日上午7:58 
Hello Kaypix. Nice to see you on here as well.
Kaypix 2014年1月27日上午8:08 
Yep, I had a crazy busy weekend so didn't jump on the forums til' this morning. Throughout the day though I am usually available :)
Prolynx 2014年1月27日上午8:25 
did miss ya a bit lol.
Jabrwock 2014年1月29日下午5:12 
Same issue here. 10 sectors/10 factions = lockup. 11/10, no prob.
Kaypix 2014年1月30日上午7:11 
Don't use the same # of sectors as factions. I should put that in a sticky somewhere...
Prolynx 2014年1月30日下午12:21 
yeah Kaypix put that in a sticky lol as a known issue.
Kaypix 2014年1月30日下午12:57 
I lied, the guys fixed it for the next patch, so I'm just gonna go update it in the old patch notes :)
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