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Kaypix Jan 24, 2014 @ 11:52am
Sector Generation Points of Interest (What's coming)
As of patch D8 we have changed the way Sectors are generated in game. Because of this, we'll be able to add some additional points of interest in the sectors.

Here are some of the ideas that we are working on.

Environmental Dangers
Solar Winds
Dust Clouds
Anomalies (Wormholes)
Space Debris

Triggered Events
Ship Racing
Drone Hunting
Random Events
Treasure Hunts
Nuclear Strikes

Scheduled Events
Station Store Discounts
Arena Matches
Special Encounters
Traveling Merchants
Advertisement Ships

Trade Stations
Manufacturing station
Jump Gates
Boost Gates
Space Highways
Construction SItes

These are just some of the things we are working on / considering, not all will make it in and some things that aren't listed will make it in.
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MackTheKnife Jan 25, 2014 @ 4:11am 
Will it be possible to land with the ships on planets or to invate them?
I know its a topic for the future, but im exited about ;)
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Wicked-Wolfie Jan 26, 2014 @ 7:07am 
Curious, Is this the reason why I have nothing in my Galixys? I have no events or points of intrests, only 1 station, which has some purple texturing. This has only happend since this update.
Wickerson Jan 26, 2014 @ 7:57pm 
Any plans to include some kind of space monsters, maybe as a special encounter?
mergele Jan 27, 2014 @ 3:04am 
@MackTheKnife the developers have alredy stateted in several post, that landing on planets will not be included. Sorry bro.
Kaypix Jan 27, 2014 @ 7:59am 
We've had other people ask this as well, and no, it'll not be possible to go land on a planet and invade it. We plan on KV to be strictly a space sim. The closest you'd get to a planet is docking at its station (unless of course you crash into the planet itself).

Can you try making a new galaxy for me? This problem is usually due to the older galaxies being used in the new update.

Space monsters...we have no plans at this time for space monster encounters.
albinostorm Jan 27, 2014 @ 2:59pm 
Having followed this game since you released the basic shipbuilder as a standalone .exe what feels like ages ago, I can say I'm pleased at the direction of the game and what you've done with it so far. To be honest the hours i've spent building ships i'd say i've already had value for money so just keep doing what you're doing guys. I can't wait to see what comes next.
Wicked-Wolfie Jan 27, 2014 @ 3:20pm 
Originally posted by Kaypix:

Can you try making a new galaxy for me? This problem is usually due to the older galaxies being used in the new update.

Iv already made Several new galixys and unfortunatly nothing happens.. same issue every time :s... I might try a fresh reinstall and see what happens

Kaypix Jan 28, 2014 @ 7:18am 
Make me a creative galaxy with 12 sectors, 10 factions, then also a career galaxy with the same #'s, see if you get spawns in either one.

I'll keep an eye out for your feedback.
InkySquid Jan 28, 2014 @ 9:01am 
I'm getting the same problem as SnoodleDragon, creating new galaxies doesn't seem to change that nothing is in the map. The map also says '###Galaxy' instead of the galaxy name in the map only (when loading the galaxies the name is there).
Kaypix Jan 28, 2014 @ 9:44am 
What's the configuration of the Factions and Sectors you're using? Make sure you have at least one more sector than faction and a galaxy name longer than 3 characters.
Wicked-Wolfie Jan 28, 2014 @ 12:52pm 
I have created as you told me and the same issue happend.. however I did notice when I used one of the stock ships which the game gives you, all the points of intrests are there... However when I then used a created ship it didnt work. I did this with only the creative Galixy and as the none-creative Galixy forces me to make a custom ship, I was unable to try it out however the same still happend, no points of intrest. Also I named them both ASDF1 and ASDFC So they hit more then 3 Char. Plus im having the same issue InkySquid with the "###Galixy"
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Wicked-Wolfie Jan 28, 2014 @ 12:57pm

Heres a space station with the odd texture and with no points of intrest

Here it is with one of your own built ships.
Kaypix Jan 28, 2014 @ 1:10pm 
Thanks Snoodle. The 2nd shot looks OK actually, just open the map and warp to another sector, you do have icons on it. The first image we're aware of that issue, it's a missing texture in the station but we fixed it for the next patch.

To open the map, hit M, then right click one of the sections and select from the dropdown list a station option. Let me know if you have icons and such when you go there. Also, it can take up to a couple minutes for an NPC to spawn if you're far enough from their station.
Wicked-Wolfie Jan 28, 2014 @ 1:22pm 
Just Warped to a new Sector station in the Galixy and it worked fine with all new points of intrests. I then went back to the shipyard and launched a created ship and it worked fine! :D All points of intrest are there.

Just to make sure I made a new Galixy with 30 sectors and 15 Factions and launched it with just a created ship and it seemed to of worked fine! Not too sure how but it works now :S ..

[Edit] I think I understand why now... I stupidly didnt put a Nav unit on the ship. >.> Im sorry.
However the ###Galixy is still present.
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Kaypix Jan 28, 2014 @ 1:30pm 
So the ###Galaxy is just visible when you're in the Map viewer? I'll let the guys know about it.
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