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Man2Arms 01 月 24 日 @ 上午 11 時 48 分
What will a large ship Battle look like ?
I Have started this thread in answer to a question posed by a player in another discussion , it did not seem rigth answering in that particular discussion - hence this thread .

It was a question posed by Peel .

" Please try to implement large ship battles (Frigate and above) with something similar to Empire at War - that was what I was expecting when I bought the game. "

I am assuming they mean as in ship off the line battles using broadside volley fire . Not an idea i am against but i am not sure that is were this game is going or if its possible .

Some problems to solve.
A turret weapon negates the use of fixed gunes ,therefore making old style broadsides obsolete . U could maybe design the game so heavy waepons can only be used on fixed guns , meaning turret guns would be used for combat with fast figther style ships , which would make sense in that the rate of fire would be higther in small caliber weapons making it more efficient in a "anti-air" role . Leaving the large fixed guns to take on slower big ships in broadsides ( Old ships of the line did have the ability to aim there guns by a small degree ) , You would also have to slow the larger ships down a lot , which isnt the case now . Using broadsides against ships that move twist and turn like a figther isnt going to work (; . Slowing the big ships down migth also have an intresting aspect in that manoeuvring for position in space to deliver a broadside could be fun and tactcal .

Any thougths ?
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LumberingTroll  [開發人員] 01 月 24 日 @ 上午 11 時 51 分 
A lot of this will depend on what kind of performance we can get. I want to have as many ships on screen as possible. I also plan to reduce weapon damage a bit to make battles longer, this will give large battles an epic feel.
Man2Arms 01 月 24 日 @ 下午 12 時 10 分 
Sounds good . Love Large Battles , to see ships manoeuvring and figthing in every direction would add to the atmosphere of a Battle . I have noticed that the ammount of guns i have on a ship can have a large affect on my pc performance ( mind i have had to drop to a basic 2GB ram
for a while ) . Maybe creating large expensive and powerfull guns would reduce the total amoount of guns people use on ther ships , meaning u have more ram for more ships in battle .

I am only speaking as a gamer so i dont presume to understand all the ticnical stuff (;
Me Grimlock No Bozo Me King 01 月 25 日 @ 上午 12 時 48 分 
Enemies do weird things in my game they ram into me and stay wedged in place in an awkward position where all their cannons can fire at me and I can't manuever at all.
Grolsche 01 月 26 日 @ 上午 5 時 28 分 
Yeah they call that the grimlock maneuver :P
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