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Lyrdian Jan 23 @ 2:50pm
Is the default key to open your ships inventory different than the game controls suggest? I doesnt do anything for me and i didn't see anything inventory related (other than the mioning droids) in the patch notes.
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Kaypix  [developer] Jan 23 @ 3:16pm 
The inventory management isn't in Creative mode in this patch yet, it'll be in our next one :) I believe it is currently live in our Career mode, which is harder to get the drones even unlocked since you start with finite pieces.
Lyrdian Jan 24 @ 8:34am 
I don't play in creative mode though(well, i build the ships i jsut never go out and play with em) XD My non-creative save wouldnt bring it up (this is pre-recentpatch mind you). Does the inventory only come up if there is something in it?
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Kris  [developer] Jan 24 @ 9:05am 
In the current build the only place that the inventory is accessible is in the shipyard in a non-creative galaxy. Out in space there was no reason to be able to interact with the inventory at that base and time. In the upcoming beta patch the inventory will be accessible when you are outside of the shipyard.
Lyrdian Jan 24 @ 9:06am 
ahhhhhhh. makes much more sense then.

Because i jsut started a game and was spamming I like a mad man... nada XD
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