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Wrothmonk Jun 25, 2014 @ 1:47am
How does the mirror tool work?
It seems like whenever I try to use the mirror tool for placing ship parts the second part gets placed in odd places that dont really seem like mirroring. The controls for the mirroring tool only seem to rotate the mirrored part itself, not where it ends up. Can somebody walk me through how it's supposed to be used to get a desired result?
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Kris Jun 25, 2014 @ 6:14am 
Any chance I can get you to post up some screen shots of what's not working with the mirroring tool? Some times it's easier to see what someone is talking about then having them try to describe it. The Mirror Tool has a couple different options and I'll go thru them really quick:

Under the mirroring button it self there is a X - Y button that will change which plane it is mirrored on so clicking that will take the default side to side mirroring to up and down, so that the mirrored part is typically under your other part.

Flip Part - is mainly used for parts that don't have symmetrical geometry so that you can physically invert the part so that it will match the original part on the other side of the ship.

The rotate forward/back, left/right, up/down options are for us once again if the part isn't symmetrical but maybe you don't need the parts geometry to be flipped just have the part rotated will correct the issue that you need. This just rotates the mirrored part.

Once you have your initial placement down the fine tune tools appear and this will affect both parts the original part will take your direct input while the mirrored part will take the same transform movements so your up down left rights, but it will reverse your rotation movements so that they still match. Hopefully this has answered your questions if not let me know and I'll try and help out.
Wrothmonk Jun 25, 2014 @ 7:30am 
Edit to prevent double posting: Just realised I posted this without noticing somebody had already answered my question.

I think I just figured it out on my own actually. I'm used to dealing with having a specific plane that the part is mirriored around, such as a parent part or just a simple visible plane I can move around & rotate. It hadn't occured to me until now to try changing the mirror tool between X and Y modes and then moving the part around in both mods to get it in the correct position.

What exactly is the game doing to "mirror" the part? It seems like it is just mirroring movement, not position as I'd expect. Whenever I mirror a part using the "mirroring" looks like this[]which doesn't exactly look like it has a specific mirroring plane.

Edit: And now I managed to get this[] which I have no idea how to fix without doing some weird attachement.

Edit: figured out what I was doing wrong to get those weird positions with the mirror tool. I had been turning it on after getting my initial placement.
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Kris Jun 26, 2014 @ 9:25am 
Ahh alright thanks for the heads up on what was causing that. I'll go take a look at the math on how the mirror is being calculated after placement. I was really scrapping my head yesterday trying to figure out how you were able to get those weird placements.
I am also having problems with my mirror tool, except mine are more of the catastrophic falure kind not the kind that just makes the tool not work so well...
I should probably mention when I say catastrophic I mean catastrophic for the mirror tool not the game.
To put it simply the mirror tool is compleatly non functioning. At first I thought I just didnt know how to use it, but after lots of looking around the interwebs its very clear the thing isnt functioning at all...
It doesnt seem to allow me to use the mirror tool whenever I've selected my module I want to mirror. So I took the backdoor and went left shift-x to see if maybe it was just a UI bug, the result was a nonstop set of annoying beeps that wouldnt stop untill I deleted the part as it would not allow me to place the thing.
I dont suppose Im lucky and there is just something Ive missed and this is user error.
Bugs tend to be harder to fix...
zephrim Aug 11, 2014 @ 12:26pm 
Were you building a ship in career mode? Cause that happens to me if I try to use the mirror tool but only have one module. If you don't have 2 of the same module in your inventory then the game will start making a lot of beeps.
That won't happen in sandbox cause you have like 999 of each and every part. But it can and does in career mode if your trying to build with more parts than you own. Hope that helps.
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