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hoffdust Jul 11 @ 8:42pm
Too Square
Are there ever going to be ship parts that arent all hard edges? Can we see curviture of the ship? I mean round stuff.
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OOM-911 Jul 11 @ 8:48pm 
a good question I would like to know to.
hoffdust Jul 11 @ 8:50pm 
Space is a void. areo dynamics arent part of the equation. Give us some round modules.
Techiastronamo Jul 11 @ 9:19pm 
Think of the solar wind and such. There is technically aerodynamics in space. But only in certain conditions is it notable. Perhaps one day we will travel using solar wind as a source for thrust. A solar kite basically, without being tethered to anything (but could tether it to a larger space craft).
hoffdust Jul 11 @ 9:53pm 
Round Parts Dude
Techiastronamo Jul 11 @ 10:38pm 
Well, round parts would look nice.
Robotica Jul 12 @ 5:24am 
It doesn't matter if aerodynamics are considered in space travel or not, this is a game, based on a fictional science. The ships could be made of giant flying potatoes and since this is just a game, it would still work just fine :)

Anyways, with that said, I really would like to see a more detailed construction system. I'm not a bit fan of Planetary Explorers, but it has this feature where you can construct just about any kind of 3d object. Something like that in this game would be quite awesome.
mergele Jul 12 @ 6:29am 
Well they would look cool but I guess they are hard to design. Try yourself to think of some general purpose curved pieces that would connect in an acceptable way to the ones already in the game.
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Orro Jul 12 @ 7:11am 
I would also love to see some round parts, I want to add some curves to my ships, lol :D
hoffdust Jul 12 @ 2:12pm 
Yeah man curvy ships named Debbie.
Orro Jul 12 @ 3:09pm 
Aye! :D
hoffdust Jul 12 @ 6:56pm 
Players are already figuring out how to make a curved edge, but by applying multiple smaller modules to creat the illusion of a curve. So why can't the developers make some curved ship parts? So that we may name her "Debbie."
Sandwiches!!! Jul 12 @ 8:05pm 
They have curved ships... CURVED ships!
hoffdust Jul 12 @ 8:30pm 
I will name my ship the "Debbie One." or just "Primo Debara."
Belemonguin Jul 15 @ 8:48am 
Nice joke, Sandwiches :D

To everyone above: You do not like Minecraft?
hoffdust Jul 15 @ 5:06pm 
minecraft is too square.
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