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Jade Hawk Aug 2 @ 9:16pm
Anyone else unable to rotate ship parts? Kinda hard to drive a ship with the cockpit commpletely upside down :P
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Kris Aug 4 @ 5:57am 
Jade, there is two ways to rotate the ship parts before connecting them to the ship. First when the part is still attached to the mouse, you can press the [ Q ] and [ E ] keys this will rotate the part around clockwise and counter clockwise. If you press the [ R ] and [ F ] keys this will change where the connection point is on the part so which side is connected to the ship. Once you have placed down the module on the ship but before you press the "Connect Button" You can switch between the transform tool [ 1 ] and the rotation tool [ 2 ]. If you have any other questions let us know and we'll try out best to answer them.
Jade Hawk Aug 4 @ 9:11am 
Thank you sir! That really helps xD

here I was just trying to press the tool button from the lower left panel in the game
Dusty Sep 3 @ 9:17am 
Why would anyone ever want the cockpits to default to being upside down when connecting them to the front of the starter cube? Seems like extremely lazy development for this to continue to be an issue for so long. Seriously, its like one value you have to change somewhere... one single this-shows-we-care value.
Kodos Sep 3 @ 11:41am 
I usually just use the zero rotation button before connecting.
hey guys i may sound like a right tool but ive subscribed to a ship on the workshop but nothing i do seems to get it into my actual game , can anyone help?
Kris Sep 5 @ 6:10am 
Dusty - Sorry I didn't realize that the part being upside down was a bug report when he asked the question above. That has been corrected and will be out in the next patch.

Dark_Legionnaire - if you are on a Linux/Mac Platform we found a bug in the workshop code and that has been corrected in the next patch as well. IF your not on a Linux/Mac box and the dev build I suggest going and making a new thread over in the Live Build Thread Sub-Forum about it and then we'll be able to try and figure out whats going on.
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