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Achievement Guide - Papo & Yo Special: Mad Hatter
tekijältä GreyGore
A mini-guide detailing the locations of the game's hats, required for completing the Mad Hatter achievement....
Achievement Guide - Papo & Yo
tekijältä GreyGore
A guide detailing the Steam achievements available in Papo & Yo, their completion requirements, as well as instructions on how to best obtain them....
Achievements help ENG/RU
tekijältä Wicked Sick
Here I will tell you how to achieve the achievements with screenshots and detailed descriptions! P.S. Sorry for my engleesh >_< ...
100% Completion and Playtrough
tekijältä Mr MacGoo Chan ヽ(;▽;)ノ
In this guide Il be showing you everything you need to know to get 100% achievements on papo & yo, and one 100% playtrough. My most important objective in this guide is showing you with videos and/or screenshots, everything you need to know in papo & yo....
Papo & Yo 全成就教學
tekijältä 兔紙 TuZih
Papo & Yo 全成就教學...
Papo and Yo - Español
tekijältä FariFariNos
Aquí encontraras el juego completo, subído periódicamente y de una forma que intenta ser mas amena....