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Kerma Dec 7, 2012 @ 9:44pm
I don't know how to feel about this game
When I first saw the trailer, I was mesmerized. The asthetics, voice acting, and overall art design really struck home with me. It felt like when I played DARK SEED as a kid and there was that air of mystery, air of enjoyment that I never really get anymore. But now-a-days I really hate point and clicks. I hate the "developer puzzles" where you spend an hour crafting a key to open a chest to advance to the next level, I find them really hard to concentrate on and honestly just overall like anymore. I'm not expecting this game to change my mind, and i'm not really expecting people to try and pitch it to me (but if you did, i'd buy it, haha) but I'm just posting this because it feels like when I watched the trailer I really got a sense of childhood bewilderment to an almost "whimsical" extent.
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Mark Y. Dec 7, 2012 @ 10:02pm 
The game does feature a lot of puzzles. We tried to make them fair and logical, and about two thirds of the reviews find them so. But a good third of the reviews find them difficult, and to involve a fair amount of pixel hunting. There is an in-game hint system, which some reviews (again about two thirds) say works well or even makes the game too easy, but which some reviews say is inadequate. There are also plenty of walkthroughs out there.

If you liked the trailer, I think you'll like the game; but if you are really turned off by puzzles, I think you're going to need to rely heavily on the hint system or just a walkthrough. I can't imagine you'll spend an hour on any puzzle in the game -- play time seems to run something like 5 to 10 hours, and the majority of that is probably dialogue and exploration.

In terms of the comparison to Dark Seed . . . . Vic (the artist's) baroque / art noveau style does have a Gigerian edge to it, which obviously was at play in Dark Seed as well. But the game's settings are very different (Dark Seed being in the real world), and as I recall, Dark Seed was more of a horror game. We have some horror elements, but it's really more science fiction.

As I said, I think you'll like the game, and it's pretty inexpensive, but I'm certainly biased (I'm the writer/designer on the project). Let me know if there's any more you'd like to know about the game!
Kerma Dec 7, 2012 @ 10:23pm 
I do enjoy puzzles, I just don't really like those puzzles that seem illogical. I might buy it when I get my paycheck in the near future. Thanks for having such a speedy reply and a positive attitude, though, as your analysis of the game will leave a positive lasting impression on me.
try the demo on the game website, i did and it made up my mind about buying this game (i havent bought it yet due to bank issues)
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Megaflux Dec 9, 2012 @ 6:16pm 
Originally posted by MisterFrosty:
In terms of the comparison to Dark Seed . . . . Vic (the artist's) baroque / art noveau style does have a Gigerian edge to it, which obviously was at play in Dark Seed as well. But the game's settings are very different (Dark Seed being in the real world), and as I recall, Dark Seed was more of a horror game. We have some horror elements, but it's really more science fiction.

interesting that you see giger, as soon as i saw it i instantly thought "moebius".
toaster_pimp Dec 9, 2012 @ 7:16pm 
don't know how to feel? listen to your heart!
toaster_pimp Dec 9, 2012 @ 7:19pm 
as for puzzles - there was only one place i felt was pretty illogical (and the commentary acknowledges that they just didn't have enough time/money to go back and change it), and one other place where for some reason the right mouse button is used to perform an action (as opposed to just reading/observation as it is in the rest of the game).

otherwise the puzzles are quite logical, or common sense. as much as i've seen in really any point and click adventure game to date really, bar maybe the amatia games.
Mark Y. Dec 9, 2012 @ 8:01pm 
@ Megaflux: I just used Giger because it's what everyone says! I agree that there's Moebius and Kirby and many other influences there, too. Part of what makes Vic such a great artist is that he has such a wide set of influences to draw on.

@ Toaster: I'm blanking on the right click puzzle. Which one is it? Maybe, to avoid spoilers, just shift the letters one off (A->B, etc.).
Nefylym Dec 9, 2012 @ 11:43pm 
The in-game Help (via your sidekick Crispin) is very helpful AND discreet. So you can choose whether to soak up the atmosphere or dig into a puzzle at your leisure really. This game has a rich world and backstory. The voice acting is superb and the script is crisp and witty. I love the character designs and how the various robot types interact with you in unique voice or accent. You get a lot of value for the price. This game and its story is quickly becoming my favorite work of science fiction! I am very much into transhumanism and artificial intelligence. This game is an intriguing look into what could be our future millenia from now! Pick it up, you won't regret you did!
DAMMIT CRAIG Dec 10, 2012 @ 6:28pm 
@mark Yohalem I believe it is not really a puzzle he is talking about but more an item that had to be right clicked on in order to proceed in the story. (trying really hard to not give any spoilers)
DAMMIT CRAIG Dec 10, 2012 @ 6:29pm 
@Mark Yohalem Also I must say this game has been one of my favorites. I don't normally enjoy point and clicks but I liked machinarium so I thought I'd try this out and it was great! Thanks!
Mark Y. Dec 10, 2012 @ 7:36pm 
Thanks guys! I'm glad you found the Crispin hint system helpful. James Spanos, who did the incredible work of actually programming Primordia, nearly killed me a dozen times over that system, so I'm glad it wound up being useful.
Profile Dec 18, 2012 @ 8:41am 
Crispin is awesome. It adds a nice touch, and I've never played a game like this before. I picked up on most of the things. The only problem I've had so far is that when your attempting to "trap" Gamma, the monitors could be a lit up a bit more bright before idling back down again.
Kerma Dec 18, 2012 @ 11:52pm 
I bought it!
I like it. There are times where I was throughly stumped and I do have to admit the whole e-scanner thing even the way of obtaining it made me have to use a guide. Other than that, smooth sailing.
I like how optional puzzles are there, not so sure on the point that they're mostly "get it right or never get it ever" and I do have to admit that the gamma puzzle threw me off guard once I failed it because I thought it was essential to beating the game. I don't mind it enough to throughly complain about it though, it's a nice touch but one I don't like.
My only complaint that's a big one is just most point'n'clicks in general. Many times there are parts where you have to do 5 objectives at once and you kind of have to brute force a knot to get all the loose ends tied. When you first go into the city of lights and basically get a million sidequests it all gets overwhelming. But I don't think that's your fault, it's just a reoccuring theme in these types of games.
Kalyth Mar 6, 2013 @ 7:59am 
I completed the game without any "outside" help (guides or other), as Crispin was very useful and discreet. He's a well-written character too and I was very amused by his jokes ("47, boss. The answr is 47!" LOL)
Thai-Samurai Mar 7, 2013 @ 8:13pm 
Great game and doesn't cost that much, if you get stuck for a long time just use a walkthrough to get past that particular part. There are a couple puzzles where I had to do that. But a great game and worth the money.
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