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Mark Yohalem May 29, 2013 @ 7:16am
Fallen: A Story from Primordia -- FULLY RELEASED
As promised, we are now releasing "Fallen," a combination illustrated novella and audiobook set within the Primordia universe. You can read more about it on our Facebook page here, where you can also download the first part:

"Fallen" will be entirely free as our way of saying thanks to our great fans!

If you haven't given Primordia a try yet, Fallen is a spoiler-free introduction to to the universe. If you've played Primordia, though, you'll get the most out of the story.


You can read the full thing here:

You can watch the animated audiobook here:

URLs to the three individual parts are here:
{LINK REMOVED - Please don't spam, and be wary of scams.}

[Absurdly, the second link has to be a link because the URL that Youtube generated contains the letters F, O, and then K, which Steam censors as a profanity. Good times.]
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TheGameHog May 30, 2013 @ 1:49am 
Read, fantastic! Can't wait to see more!
Mark Yohalem May 31, 2013 @ 9:23pm 
Faintestidea Jun 1, 2013 @ 7:31pm 
Is facebook the only way to get fallen?
Mark Yohalem Jun 2, 2013 @ 6:53am 
No -- all that's on Facebook is a link to the PDF:
NA Jun 5, 2013 @ 3:21am 
Even though everything about the game and this supplementary novella scream dispair and ending, the persistence of the characters(at least the ones who aren't trapped by their nature to spiral inward to a fading rusted oblivion) always gives me hope. The end of both leaves me with optimism.
Mark Yohalem Jun 5, 2013 @ 7:50am 
Thanks! That's certainly my goal!

(That said, Fallen's not over yet! Only the first of three parts is up.)
TOMKHAN Jun 8, 2013 @ 12:37am 
I want to know more. I want that part 3 :)
xlynx Jun 10, 2013 @ 7:16pm 
These are great Mark. What's the best way to be notified of new parts?
Mark Yohalem Jun 10, 2013 @ 10:30pm 
I post notifications here and in the forums on GOG, RPG Codex, and WEG. But the quickest way (and the best from my own selfish social media standpoint) would be to like us on Facebook or do whatever it is one does (not knowing how to use Facebook myself) to track us that way. That will also let you see when we have other announcements. At some point, for my own sanity, I have to dial back my Primordia-forum crawling, so I'll probably not be a diligent about checking up and posting here.
Mark Yohalem Jun 12, 2013 @ 7:02am 
"Forever Fallen," the third part of Fallen, is now available here:

For those joining us late in the process, Fallen is a spoiler-free spin-off graphic novella set after Primordia. You can get the whole PDF here:

You can also get a RAR containing a ePub of the novella here:

If anyone knows how to fix the outrageous ePub file size -- 330 MB, which compresses to 3 MB -- please drop me a line!

The audio installments are slightly delayed, but will follow soon.
Foehammer Jun 12, 2013 @ 8:12am 
I really enjoyed this, as well as the main game. Don't stop writing!
Mark Yohalem Jun 12, 2013 @ 6:57pm 
Thanks so much!
BionicTaffy Jun 13, 2013 @ 8:02pm 
This is pretty dang cool. Thanks!
Mark Yohalem Jun 13, 2013 @ 9:24pm 
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