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verbaloid Jun 8 @ 11:47pm
I wish Wormwood did a Dark Seed type of adventure
Hi, I'm in such an awe of this game (bought in on GOG).

I wonder if Wormwood would be interested in creating a game set in a cosmic horror premise, based on Laird Barron, Lovecraft and similar stuff. The only adventure that did any justice to that genre was Dark Seed by Cyberdreams (long time ago) and mostly due to art by HR Giger.

But since Wormwood has such an incredible painter talent at their disposal, and they are so good at creating atmosphere, I guess they're more than capable of delivering a very cool horror game.

I'm writing text adventures myself, and I also make music and multilanguage voicovers in my studio. I'm working on a game script for some years now, roughly called 'Dark Sanity', and it's kind of a twist on 'Dark Seed' series, with a different protagonist. So, if you're interested, I'd gladly participate in making such a game!
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Mark Yohalem Jun 11 @ 10:00pm 
Hey! I got my start on text adventures, so I'm delighted to hear that a Primordia fan is making one. I know that Victor muses about doing a Lovecraftian game from time to time (he was briefly tangentially involved with one that was being produced in conjunction with Iron Tower Studio) but we don't have any set plans.
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