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gecimen Nov 25, 2013 @ 9:25am
My NG+ Dmitry Deck
Now that there's a "legendary" reward for finishing NG+, I finished it. It's not hard at all until the last level but beating Dmitry took me ~60 is tries and over ~30 different decks. You'll see what's harder than the normal game once you enter. So, here's the deck that I've beaten Dmitry.


Dmitry's Demise (the text in brackets are comments for this deck only, there are of course other ways to beat him):

4x Industrial Frame (cause you have to spend them)
3x Dynamite (this is helpful)
4x Cavalry Sabre (must have for this level)
2x Officer's Sabre (not a must have at all but in case you don't draw the other one, feel free to replace with Tactical Adv)
3x Veteran Rifleman (I know, strange, but this is a must have as well, first off it can kill 3 hp Ironclads, secondly it doesn't die in 1 hit)
1x Maneuver (just in case)
3x Field Repair (only needed in the first few turns when you're about to kill the 2 flame throwers)

How to use: Simple really. Send 2 Industrial Frames from mid lanes (not from the lane Dmitry's coming) with a sabre. If Dmitry is coming from the next lane with a sabre, pause your ironclad and move when he's close so that he passes by. Kill 1 flame thrower. Wait a little for Dmitry to bombard and either maneuver your 1st Ironclad or better, send another one from the other mid lane. When outer lanes are free, move your 2 mid ironclads forward and try to send: either 1 ironclad + 1 veteran inf, or 2 veterans from one of the outer lanes. This will pretty much secure it. You will manage to secure both lanes at some point, unless Dmitry decides to come from the outer lanes before you can secure both (which he rarely does). When you do, you will usually have few Ironclads in the mid lanes (even if you support these mid lanes you will lose some Ironclads here) so be sure to hit Dmitry with your sabres and also dynamite them, this way you will only need 2 Ironclads to finish Dmitry off. This deck, after all others with ranged weapons and/or wood chippers, felt much more solid to me, still, it took me 6 tries with this deck only.

Good luck!
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Hoshi Nov 25, 2013 @ 1:22pm 
Nice, now how about if someone can post on that works that doesn't use cards you have to play multiplayer to get?. I tried to replace the industrial frames with Earthmovers and dynamites with tactical advantage but it's not working out well. The riflemans are mostly killed by dimitry slashing from the side or manuvering ontop of them from the side abd they are too expensive (as I have to spend much more on my clads) and slow to get into positing.
gecimen Nov 25, 2013 @ 1:52pm 
Dynamite can very well replace with tactical advantage. Only major difference is dynamite is 3 damage regardless of your weapon. But tactical adv. doesn't kill your ironclad, unless it's already going to die. I would replace Industrial frame with auxillary chasis for cheapness, or skirmish chasis for flexibility.
Hoshi Nov 26, 2013 @ 2:32am 
Yeah I already tested using auxillary chassis before you wrote, the low hp really limit it in this case. Not only will dimitri oneshot it but it's common for the AI to put damage upgrade parts on other clads, that means they will also oneshot it. Still I managed to win after about 20 tries or so :-) using a modified version of gecumens deck.

4x Auxiliary Chassis
3x Raider
4x Cavalry Saber
4x Tactical advantage
3x Field Repair
2x Maneuver

I am using Raiders instead of those veteran riflemans. I found that neither the riflemans hp nor their ability to shoot actually did anything for me. 95% of the time they where killed by being run over, mostly by someone manuvering in from the side. So I went with something that was cheap and if it got killed it was fast to get a new one into position. Also if you have deployed 2 in short sucession you can use 2 slip through on the same raider to allow him to sidestep a clad and get back in row again at no cost.

Field repair I could probably take out (not sure what I would replace it with, probably a few more maneuver at least). With the low hp of the Aux it usually doesn't matter.
Maneuver is actually fairly important as the opponent has a tendency to sidestep your clads. Can also help the raiders to side step clads even if you don't have 2 slip through atm.

In the end I was a bit lucky with my win. I got dimitry down to 4 hp but lost the clad in his row, he was 2 steps from the generator and one step from another clad in side rows. If he had taken 2 steps he would have been able to kill the raider on the generator with his sword and then I would probably not been able to stop him. But instead he stopped after one step, putting him beside my cavalry saber armed clad with a tactical advantage in hand!!! Bad AI FTW.
gecimen Nov 26, 2013 @ 5:30am 
Congrats! AI on the last level isn't really bad, but it has some patterns that you can abuse. One of them is what you experienced, Dmitry tries to kill your clads from side if he has a sabre no matter what.
Perfect Info Dec 5, 2013 @ 6:27pm 
I beat Dimitry+ using Hoshi's suggested, all-singleplayer-cards deck. Thanks for the hints! I was banging my head against the wall for a few hours with a wood-chipper stall deck that wasn't working out for me.

I found the field repairs useful to tank the visionaries with blades; sometimes the AI responds by applying the Authority buff to guarantee a trade, and I'd rather they waste the AP on something that's about to die than on a new ironclad.
gecimen Dec 6, 2013 @ 2:41am 
I tried wood chipper as well. I've only managed to make it work in 1 try out of 20 and that time I lacked the firepower to down dmitry.
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