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Ironclad Tactics

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Lifeless Loser Dec 14, 2013 @ 7:15pm
Las Vegas, NV
How do you beat this map? I got nothing. Take into mind I have every card youcould have at this point. Tried the indian rush deck and got nowhere. Please help again.
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Hoshi Dec 15, 2013 @ 3:56am 
While there are different ways to do it to me at least the most important thing to do is to clear out the mortars and keep them clear. This is most easily done with a Light Cannon (or an Arrow Barrage Lanucher but you don't get that until after the mission) as they can shoot over the wall.

Just tested the following deck and did not only manage to win but got both challanges and gave up only 3 vp, on the other hand I lost first time I tried it so it's not a sure thing.

Auxiliary Chassis x3
Overpressurized Hulk x2
Light Cannon x3
Mining Drill x3
Shotgun Mercenary x3
Maneuver x3
Field Repair x3

The idea is to get one clad with Light Cannon on the rows with the mortars first 2 steps in and later a second clad one step behind him to cover the reload time better. Then get 1 or 2 clads with drills in on his side to cover the lower mortar, one on the side to stop the opponent from maneuvering ontop of it and one infront to kill anything comming that way (not as important as that direction is covered by the Light Cannons). And finaly get one or more Shotgun Mercenaries ontop of mortars and covering each other etc. Because of the limited area behind the wall the Shotgun Mercs does very well here.

The idea with the clad choice is that Aux Chassis are cheap and they are not going to get attacked much being at range in front of the wall, sometimes the opponent will get a minigun going and do a damage or two, that's what the Field Repairs are for.
The overpressurized hulk are good at getting in position on the other side of the wall fast but I selected them mostly because I needed something to fill out with, 3 clads are too few.
TectonicWafer Dec 18, 2013 @ 12:09am 
For Las Vegas Story Mode, I usualy use cannons or arrows to keep the enemy clear of the mortars, then take the mortars with indian scouts, but hold them with veterans if possible. If you have the Indian "Dancer" Ironclads, they are useful for getting behind the walls to keep the mortars clear. As long as you manage to use some long-range weapon for keeping the mortars clear so the enemy can't gain VP, you can then bide your time ti build up AP and deploy your units in the ideal order as they come around.
Hoshi Dec 19, 2013 @ 1:11pm 
Not really, I just happen to enjoy the game. Maybe something to consider

Edit: was in response to a msg that was deleted just after I wrote this respones.
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