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Robrecht May 5, 2014 @ 4:25pm
So... Where's the actual Tactics? (TRoD DLC)
I'm talking about the first mission of The Rise of Dmitry...

Which is too goshdarn random.

So far I've lost:
6 times due to a bad starting hand resulting in Zebulon getting shot before I even had an Ironclad on the field.
3 times due to no repairs making their way into my hand, resulting in the ironclads I was using to shield Zebulon getting destroyed with no way to get another one in front of him in time.
3 times due to not getting enough ironclads to both shield Zebulon and keep the dynamite bandits from getting to my line.
5 times due to 'double middle shotguns' (i.e. getting shotgun bandits on the two middle lanes, resulting in no safe place to keep zebulon, because shotguns are aoe).
2 times due to a shotgun bandit getting deployed in the third lane right after Zebulon picks up the Belgian Anthracite (one time Zebulon had already taken damage from a shotgun bandit earlier and one time I didn't have two weaponed-up Ironclads in place to take it out, so Zebulon took two shotgun hits in a row, even with maneuvring).

All situations where the mission instantly becomes unwinnable, and nothing can be done, just because of pure luck. In a game that has 'Tactics' in the fugging name.

The main game was already way too luck based when it came to the special missions, but this is ridiculous. I've basically got 5 euros worth of DLC content I paid for, but can't actually use, simply because the first mission is so godawfully designed (maybe I should be glad, if it's any indication of the rest).
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Hoshi May 6, 2014 @ 1:25am 
I just played this mission 10 times in a row to test, I won 8 of those and lost 2.
Yes there are some luck involoved (otherwise I would have won all 10 ) but not nearly as much as you seem to think.

Some tips:
The only important card you have is manuvere. You don't really need to use anything else to win this mission.
Rise of Dimitry has a new feature that allows you to pay 1 ap to move a card to the front of the hand, this allows you to keep important cards in your hand. Using this feature will reduce the luck dependens as you can make it much more likely to have card in your hand when you need it. Use this feature to keep all maneuvere that comes by.
Lex May 10, 2014 @ 5:52am 
Did the same test. played 6 games lost 1 due to really bad luck and a bad decision. As it is a card game luck is always a factor but with the right tactic you can make it work in most cases.
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