gecimen Feb 25 @ 3:44am
Bug gone, gauntlet done.
The bug that concerns NG+L2 and DLC Gauntlet last stage is fixed.

I've reached the final stage of the gauntlet 5 times prior to fix (out of probably 10 plays) and it seemed too easy. Now I've played 5 times more to reach the same final stage, I must say I was almost discouraged... Anyways I've managed to reach it again and went past the buggy point, I must say I was surprised, to say the least, so be ready for anything :)
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Hoshi Feb 25 @ 4:54am 
The last phase of the last section can be a real killer if you don't know what will happen. But that's there the whole difficulty of the Gauntlet come from, not knowing what to expect. Once you know what will come in all sections and phases it's a surprisingly easy level. On the other hand if they made the last section as hard as NG+ dimitry where a significant amount of luck is requiered then it would way too frustrating as you would have to redo all the section before it every time you fail.

If I where to run the Gauntlet 10 times in a row now I would expect at least 9 victories and any possible loss would come from section 3 or 4 where if I got a really bad card draw I might actually lose.
gecimen Feb 25 @ 6:27am 
The real problem for me was stage 5 followed by stage 4. First 3 are there to make the whole experience more intense. You're right about the difficulty level but I'm expecting a NG+ version of the DLC nevertheless.
gecimen Feb 25 @ 6:28am 
Btw my first deck was full Dmitry and second deck that I only used in Stage 2 was Dmitry+merc raider and repair guy. So I kinda made him destroy his own factory :) Feb 25 @ 7:14pm 
I found the last stage disappointing because I had to resort to metagaming -- taking advantage of the AI, stalling, etc. -- to win. I bet it's possible to come up with a deck that wins "naturally", but mine definitely didn't. That said, I bet I could win again now that I know what's up.
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