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Quantum Shift 2013年6月12日 16時33分
Is there anyone out there who likes this game?
I haven't found anyone who likes this game... yet
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Silv3r9 2013年6月12日 17時32分 
Just got the game and I am happy with my purchase.

I didn't buy it for the cards like so many obsessed/desperate peeps out there running wild and popping out of dark alleys looking dazed and confused or trying to make a quick buck out of other desperate card loving peeps >.>
Quantum Shift 2013年6月12日 17時36分 
any reason why you like it?
Silv3r9 2013年6月12日 17時50分 
Personally I enjoy the make your own adventure & deal with your choices /multiple endings part of it, don't mind the reading as I have played visual novels on Steam before without falling sleep XD and it's a game that you can play without having to kick all the kids out of the room or even better, let them have a go.

Pretty much a nice break from every other game where things go boom and/or pew-pew
☹☞☺ 2013年6月12日 18時12分 
i like it plus i got 3$ back with steam cards :)
bills6693 2013年6月12日 18時21分 
I didn't buy it for the cards, I bought it for the game. And I am really enjoying said game.

Its a really nice choose your own adventure. The first play through takes a little over an hour, roughly.

Its a really cute kind of story, although of course you make your own choices and there is some violence etc, but its all text-based, not graphically represented.

As a thing I just read said, its like they ripped the backgrounds out of a child's imagination, and the story too I feel.

Gets a little repetitive after the first or second playthrough, since many of the story events will be the same, although this allows you to make the 'other' choices that you didn't make last time and see what happens. And there are more events than you play each time, so there will be some new events each time, but not everything will be new. And since it is a game based entirely on its story, when this starts to get 'samey' you just have to take a break as you will stop enjoying it. Come back to it again a while later to enjoy it again
Quantum Shift 2013年6月12日 18時24分 
I really don't like the trading cards. I mean yah I kinda what a card from my favorite game (FTL) but when people just play games to get stuff not just for the sake of the game, it falls apart.
bills6693 2013年6月12日 18時28分 
Yeah it is stupid. But it is a fun game, if you are looking at buying it. But buy it for the game, not the cards :P
Manator [no mic] 2013年6月13日 6時19分 
pft. I've owned the game since release, no regrets plus I sold all of my card drops for $4 each, no regrets.
Lt. KittyFace 2013年6月13日 6時23分 
Spend like 2 seconds looking at comments in here and reviews online. A lot of people enjoy this game! I like the choose-your-own-adventure aspect, and the art is adorable as well.
Shadowritter 2013年6月13日 10時40分 
A simple and nice game, different from a lot of game
patrick.loiselle 2013年6月13日 10時57分 
I played it once so far. Not the most interesting game but it's simple and fairly relaxing. I did not make it to ''Elder'' status my first time (ultimate goal I guess) and I will likely try for it again but it's not a game that you'd want to spend hours and hours and hours playing. Worth it while one sale not worth 10$
Caeruleam 2013年6月13日 11時20分 
I like it! I love the music, the cute art and the multiple endings. Wouldn't mind if it was longer, though.
Weaser 2013年6月14日 15時05分 
I enjoy the replay ability of this game! This way you musn't worry about how you choose, because you can always replay it again. I also think it is very cleverly thought out and is fun to expirament with! i am very happy with my purchase
Ame - 힘 2013年6月14日 17時45分 
Love it, its fun and simple. very enjoyable create your own adventure game. My first game through I finished it successfully as an Elder that brought humans anda monsters together. Pretty fun game overall, and I really enjoy the stories and outcomes. Now I am going to go through it again with different selections.
tiny grumpkin 2013年6月15日 6時25分 
I really like it. I love games like this one.
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