Monster Loves You!

Monster Loves You!

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horrid74 Apr 23, 2013 @ 9:58pm
Really liking this game but....
I picked this up to share with my nieces. An interactive story is so much better than one simply read or watched.

The greatest concern I have in the product is the unremarkable protaganist. There are some really great, characterful illustration weaved into this presentation but "my" monster has been a real let down. Considering the variety of life choices the monster has before "growing up" the model is really bland. Is it always supposed to be blue? I haven't seen any changes to the legs or trunk. On one occaision the arms had lobster claws on the ends but not much else. For some reason he stood on a ball into adulthood in another playthrough.

The focus of the product isn't so much off of center stage as very nearly in the wings. Typically the creature I am building is obscured by text and when I do get to see him most often he is far away. There are so many variations that could be added and possibly linked to behaviours or traits that would dramatically improve the presentation.

I read another thread about additional missions to the story and it got me thinking about greater relationships between adventures. I suppose I'm this comes to mind because I'd like to present this to children and would like them to recognize the ramifications of choices they make (Yes, I am a horrible uncle).

As a example: There is a spider story where you could provide directions from the cave for some spiders. In a later story you have a lame racing spider. If you were nice to the spiders maybe there would be a percentage chance of having one them stepping in to replace your lame spider.