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I AM THE LIQUOR 2013年4月21日 10時30分
Did I miss a lot of content?
Check my history -- I love paying for indie games and $10 is a great pricepoint for a game with 8-10 hours of gameplay.

That said, contrary to how it is portrayed on its store page, this game is basically a choose your own adventure style game. It's charming, but it takes maybe 2 hours to play through. I understand I can make various different choices that result in different outcomes, but the lack of any real representation of "my monster" as well as being totally devoid of any kind of animation leaves one with little incentive to play again if your only reward is another badge on the home screen.

That all said, the game was fun and unique, and I do very much hope that Radial Games finds success, but to be honest I feel like at least half of my purchase was a donation to the future of this prod house.
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Random Malkavian 2013年4月23日 6時43分 
I feel the same way... I think I paid too much money for a game that I finished in 1,5 hour.
Of course you can play it through several times BUT the variance is not big enough that it would be encouraging me to do so...

I wished I had spent my 10 Euro for a different game. I mean it is lovely and I really liked the playthrough but if I had known it would be so short I would have maximum paid 5€...

I like Visual Novels and I thought it would go in that direction, but I thought it would be much, much longer, with my choices being much more important, my skills too.

RoRoDejobaan 2013年5月30日 11時21分 
Folks I realized that we never addressed this. We are working on additional content but don't have a definite timetable yet. Stay tuned for updates!
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