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Singularity 2013年3月18日 18時29分
Platforms to be supported.
I know you plan on getting OS X support out, but what about linux?
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instabilis 2013年3月24日 15時18分 
JojoTheSlayer 2013年4月2日 10時36分 
Rather play this on my 7" Android tbh.
Dejobaan  [開発者] 2013年4月4日 9時57分 
We hoooooooooooooooope to do pretty much every platform under the sun. Haxe (which Andy wrote it in) should be able to deploy to Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and my toaster.

It's really a matter of a) what folks want and b) what Andy can do.
killergurke 2013年4月22日 15時54分 
+1 for Linux :)
(Please make it work with Steambox)
最近の変更はkillergurkeが行いました; 2013年4月22日 15時57分
hero1900 2013年6月11日 19時56分 
+1 for linux
bitcrusher 2013年6月12日 2時24分 
linux version will be command line with vim keybinds and ascii monsters
Marcus @ Linux 2013年6月13日 10時52分 
+1 for Linux and +10 for Bitcrushers suggestion
最近の変更はMarcus @ Linuxが行いました; 2013年6月13日 10時52分
Andy Moore  [開発者] 2013年6月13日 12時30分 
I've got secret copies of the game in my mad-scientist laboratory running on a variety of devices, but each has it's own little glitches and bugs so I'm just trying to iron them out. Some platforms won't work out for various reasons (the game uses a lot of RAM!), but I have to say Linux is currently giving me the biggest headaches. :(

I'm not a linux pro, so I'm probably just making stupid mistakes. Only humans work here! But I've installed my very first copy of Ubuntu and I'm poking around on this "command-line" thingy that seems pretty important. Why do I have to SUDO everything?!? Yeesh! Haha I'm such a newb at this!

It's kinda sad because I used to work exclusively in command line, back in the DOS days, using PINE and LYNX... *whistful sigh*

Anyway. NEWS SOON on what I get working!
Marcus @ Linux 2013年6月13日 12時47分 
lynx is still there on linux as is pine (in the form of alpine at least)I
If you need any help or advise for Linux, or need beta testing: just shout out :) I'd be happy to help.
tuniek 2013年8月21日 2時57分 
octogenus 2013年11月30日 6時00分 
+1 for Linux port
Leaf [DG] 2014年8月4日 11時28分 
+1 for Linux
DrMcCoy 2014年8月4日 11時52分 
Any news on this? It's been a year...
Gigakoops 2014年8月4日 14時25分 
I too want to know if there's any news of this. A friend of mine gifted the game to me today and I'd like to try it out, only I run on Linux, and trying to run it has proven overly difficult on Wine. So +1 for Linux
Andy Moore  [開発者] 2014年8月5日 11時33分 
Nothing for-sure yet, but we are actively working on things right now! I spent the last three days working on a port for a specific system...
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