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JDDorkly 2014年1月6日下午12:40
How to get Famed Neurosurgeon! (Spoilers)
I got this one yesterday, only took ~1001 tries.

There are three scenarios (that I've found) that give you neurosurgeon points:

- As a monsterling, when you pull the knife out of Jaggery (sling icon)
- As an elder when you give someone milkweed (arm in a sling icon- needs kindness)
- As an elder when you save a baby from a burning building (face icon, maybe?)

As an adult there is a scenario with a sling, but I haven't been able to find a way to make it give neurosurgeon points.

You can definitely get Famed Neurosurgeon with only two of the scenarios!

I did it with low respect- I didn't lose much, just avoided getting it. I am VERY CERTAIN you need low respect for it- I tried EVERYTHING at high respect (75), and even failed at exactly 50.

You can become an elder with only 20 respect- not sure exactly how low you can get away with. Then I made humans and monsters hate each other. When the humans came, I chose to fight, and the good doctor offered to let me to come with her.
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dweeb 2014年9月4日下午2:39 
There is another opportunity for Advanced Neurosurgery as a Monsterling. It only gives you 3 points but it's the skull icon. Opt to throw rocks at the cage and then put your monsterling friend back together.
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