G. 2013년 10월 4일 오후 6시 10분
Unfair Ban
Hi there, I'd like to ask for an investigation on my account which was recently banned by fairfight for allegedly using hack. Considering that I am a legitimate player, I ask you to kindly verify the reason for the permanent ban.
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ChiGoku 2013년 10월 4일 오후 6시 31분 
Hammerpoint doesn't check these forums
loosehugs 2013년 10월 4일 오후 7시 13분 
Don't hack or download hacks that are CD key stealers.
Samalot 2013년 10월 7일 오전 12시 33분 
They banned you to try and get you to buy a second copy.
Sarsipius 2013년 10월 7일 오전 12시 43분 
Open a ticket is all you can do.
Darth of the Dead 2013년 10월 7일 오전 12시 50분 
Good luck but you should play a better game instead like state of decay
Cipher88101 2013년 10월 7일 오후 4시 19분 
You can open a support ticket, but they will not respond to it. You will get an automated reply that is so outdated that it uses the name 'WarZ' instead of Infestation blah blah. I was banned for no reason as well. My suggestion, like many others have said, is try The Dead Linger, State of Decay, or DayZ standalone. Since there is nothing I can do about them stealing my $50 Pioneer account for no reason, all I can do is try to prevent others from going through the same frustration I have with HP. Just so you know;

Service 'agreement' from HP:
"Service is provided by OP Productions at its sole and absolute discretion, and may be terminated or otherwise discontinued by OP Productions at any time and from time to time, for any reason or no reason, without notice pursuant to the Terms of Service and neither OP Productions nor any of its affiliates, licensees, or contractors will incur any liability to You as a result of such termination."
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