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979 2013年9月19日上午2:00
I CANT BUY GC (failed to buy item)
hello, this is my problem, I load 15u $ s in my STEAM account and when I go MARKETPLACE, choose BUY GC 12u$s, stays charged for 10 min: "ONE MOMENT PLEASE" and then tells me "FAILED TO BUY ITEM "...

I do not know what else to do, research it on google and many have the same problem but could not fix it
not believe they have failed in that regard and I'm trying to pay more for the game but will not let me ...!? is incredible
I would appreciate a little help,
Gaston from Argentina
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Meme Street Hooligan 2013年9月23日上午12:55 
I have the exact problem won't even allow me to buy GC :/
Galil [FRA] 2013年9月23日上午6:34 
copy/paste your r3dlog.txt file... just befor this try to make the error bro.
979 2013年9月24日下午7:37 
hi ok tks i try it, but where is the file? in steam or infestation? tks
979 2013年9月24日下午7:46 
i find the file but is more high of 1000 caracters
Galil [FRA] 2013年9月25日上午6:48 
just launch the game and make the error is you have do that the file are no longer 100 lines
Galil [FRA] 2013年9月25日上午6:48 
or 200 =)
979 2013年9月27日下午4:37 
ok make the error... tks
Ricardo Fort 7月27日下午8:52 
i need help, i cant buy GC :(
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