Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

[ZSU]datCookie (Banned) Sep 17, 2013 @ 12:38am
My thoughts on the recent changes
In this thread I would like to discuss the recent changes to both the game and in general. For the trolls out there; this is not a thread to gain attention, this is not my weekly thread.

Mainly what I will be discussing is the following:

- Patch notes (the main changes), with my own opinion
- Artemis Knives as a new recruit, with my own opinion

It will be a bit of a read but I feel it is worth it.

-Added the ability to punch players and zombies with your fists:
Whilst fist fighting is something we've all been nagging for since the release of this game, I feel it has come at too late a stage for it to be of any real benefit. People have already discovered bugs in the feature, all of which can be found on the official forums. In my opinion, a wasted effort for a half-finished feature.

-Moved some player spawns around in Clearview.
Whilst I do not object to changing player spawns in Clearview I feel that it is a temporary fix to spawn camping in a high PvP area. I personally would like to see them have randomised spawns across the entire map, except in zombie infested areas. Another addition to this would be to spawn a player outside of a certain radius surrounding another player.

-Changed the revive timer for premium accounts. It now takes 30 minutes to revive.
I honestly like this idea and adds more incentive for players to buy premium. Whilst I object to the entire idea of premium accounts on the basis that you already have to pay to own the game, I feel that this is good way to make use of them.

-When kicking someone from a private server it now gives that player a 30 minute ban on that server.
This still isn't what we are asking for. I don't know why the developers would even give a temporary ban when a player is kicked. I can already see players being temp banned for being auto kicked/disconnected due to the current bugs in the system. It is MUCH easier to allow server owners to ban players at will. The developers have this ability, why can't we?

-The Threat Meter now has 4 states, depending on the player's posture/movement speed, and the calculated threat to them. Depending on whether the player is Prone/Crouched/Standing and Standing Still/Walking/Running.
The threat meter has to be one of the most broken features since the release of this game. It has never worked correctly and is not really needed in a survival game. I feel that this particular feature needs to be removed from the game and never return.

-Item durability is now shown as xx/100.
Is this their form of item/weapon degradation? Or is it merely there for show? This little "update" is very vague and needs further explanation.

-Reduced number of servers!
-Official servers: from 50 to 25
-Premium servers: from 20 to 10
-Veteran servers: from 20 to 10
-Trial servers: from 30 to 15
Now this is laughable and highly unsupported by even the hardcore defenders of the game. Most would consider this to be yet another step towards the shutting down of the game. I cannot say that for certain but I can see it being in the cards, given they have done other such horrible things in the past.

2) ARTEMIS KNIVES: As you all should know, Artemis Knives; popular ISS streamer, is now a "developer" for the company. His official role is basically a community liason in order to help the developers make the game the way the community wants.

I have several different opinions on this entire change, none of which are good.

- Artemis is not considered a representative of the community in any way other than the fact that he streams the game on a daily basis. Just because someone is a popular streamer, does not make them the representative of that games community.

- He has openly bashed the game on several occassions. Now if anyone else had done that, they would have been banned on the spot, both from the forums and from the game. But not Artemis. When he was invited by HP to come visit I formed a theory that he was paid off by HP to say nice things about the game and company. I formed this theory on the basis that he did a complete 180 in a quick period of time. He denied being paid off by HP on his stream but is now working for them? He's off to a great start already...

- He is known to affiliate himself with cheaters and has openly abused glitches and bugs on his stream. All of which are bannable offenses according to the devs.

- The role he fills is, to an extent, the same role that Kewk himself must fulfill (but doesn't). Now with Kewk's exceptionally bad reception lately; potentially using hacks, abusing admin powers, banning players based on personal reasons, etc. I have formed a small theory that Sergey wants Kewk gone and will eventually get Artemis to take over.

Now I don't like Artemis, but anyone is better than Kewk.

To put it simply: Kewk is the Community Manager NO game should EVER have.

NOTE: This thread was remade due to spam on the previous one.
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