SuPrEmE 2013年9月11日上午10:21
anyone first days playing wanna team up?
anyone! i just want someone to run around with please :P post here
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JamseyBoy 2013年9月11日下午12:30 
YES! right here just got the game and i am being owned left and right i have yet to find a weapon of any sort only food and helmets and masks i am in desperate need of a partner in this game!
PaNDeMiC 2013年9月11日下午12:47 
im in. havent even launched the game yet
JamseyBoy 2013年9月11日下午12:48 
im in. havent even launched the game yet

Sweet we should definately play together then i just got the game as wel
Lumpjuice 2013年9月11日下午2:35 
i got the game a while ago but i'm praticaly a new player i would like to join ya'll.
MunkTheMan(DK) 2013年9月12日上午12:34 
if you only want to pve then you can come to my server it have 29 days left.
an get loot it is only me an i am host my clan broke apart so need ppl to game whit
DeltaHunter 2013年9月12日上午3:05 
Munk what's your server's name and pass?
MunkTheMan(DK) 2013年9月12日上午5:31 
not gonna say on a public wall add me as a friend then we can play
Bot Kid 2013年9月12日上午8:40 
im a veteran but ill play with you guys always fun to play with people this game gets lonely
Wessex 2013年9月12日上午10:52 
me and some freinds are making a clan for new players to loot and pvp together msg me
Chachi92 2013年9月12日上午10:56 
pretty soon ill be able to launch the game and i would like to play with some peeps
Awoll 2013年9月12日上午11:13 
ill join you guys. im not really new but im always up for making big groups and roling with others
Darth of the Dead 2013年9月12日下午3:36 
Don't do it! Its not worth it! Play TF2 instead!
Yolo Nakurwiator 2013年9月12日下午3:45 
good game played of zobies yea :D:DD:d
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