andriusnorg 2013年9月7日下午3:02
False ban
Hi guys i got permant banned for no reason i remember when me and my friend where playing and looting things then i stoped playing infestation for 2-1 month then when i tried to connect it says : permant banned is there somebody who know how to get unban
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Balusio_L_JARO 2013年9月7日下午3:04 
i really sorry men, when they bann some one, have to buy the game again; you can try to contact them, but is a waste of time. they are thiefs and people still buying this piece of )(/&%$. Really sorry men.
最后由 Balusio_L_JARO 编辑于; 2013年9月7日下午3:05
Caedo (已封禁) 2013年9月7日下午3:11 
Go to support on their main page... that's all you can do.

By the way, giving out your email, even a 'junk' email like hotmail on a forum is a bad idea.
andriusnorg 2013年9月7日下午3:36 
do you know where i can find my transaction id from infestation?
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